Election dreadful 2020

Are you like me? Is there a certain for building sense of doom for Tuesday’s election? 2020 has brought with it a dose of dread and birthpangs of fear.election? 2020 has been weird. It might be weirder after tomorrow.

Now, there might be a chance that will know the president by 8 PM and there will be a landslide. Maybe that Blue wave will occur, or perhaps surprising moments in the Trump world will happen again and he will win just like he did in 2016

The “maybe not” is what gives us the sleepless night.

The maybe not comes from states where voting has been extended until after the election, like Pennsylvania where you can still have a vote be counted days from now, and in a close election every minute will matter.

Maybe those fears are evident best in places such as South Carolina, as Charleston gets ready by boarding up local businesses. Same in New York City, and the same at the White House where fencing has been installed to control any potential rioters if things go awry Tuesday night..

We hope and pray to whatever God may exist that this election is just boring like all the other ones. But elections haven’t been boring lately.

Yes, there is that sense of dread. Perhaps that Dread is in your stomach too, bubbling up towards your heart and beyond, bringing with that a series of chills and nervousness about how our country will vote, the more importantly how have the nation will react to the other half when they find out how they voted.

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