Singing out of tune in the 21st century

The Washington Redskins—not their name now of course— defeated the Broncos by the score of 42– 10, winning their second Super Bowl. The game was played on January 31, 1988

After the game that year there was a special show premiering:

THE WONDER YEARS would go on to be one of the greatest shows in the history of television and would run until 1993…

But consider this.. the program premiered in 1988. The show featured nostalgia from 20 years previous in 1968. A crazy time of course

And that would mean if the WONDER YEARS premiered today and the same time constraints applied, our ‘wonder years’ would be 2001…

And to some of us who have been online since that year, this website included, it sure doesn’t seem like 20 years. Maybe it didn’t seem like that to those who turned 40 in 1988 either..

The wonder years indeed. Boy do we wonder .. where has the time gone?

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