America the zombie nation

A survey of more than 31,000 people shows that insufficient sleep, mental health problems, and stress were the causes of a whole host of symptoms doctors are used to seeing in head injury patients. Symptoms of what doctors call post-concussion syndrome (PCS) range from persistent headaches, dizziness and anxiety, to insomnia and loss of concentration and memory.

While 27 percent of people report having several of these symptoms, between one-half and three-quarters say they experience at least one. The most common symptoms are fatigue, low energy and drowsiness. Yet despite their findings, researchers believe the number in the general population could be much higher.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the US military officially funded the study that produced this shocking results.. It was designed to improve care for athletes and soldiers who suffered concussions. A total of 2,039 military service academy cadets and 18,548 student athletes were surveyed.

<<You can read the full study here:>>

While there is no conclusion or theory as to why such a dramatic number of people are walking around as though they have brain damage, the past year has not helped!

The pandemic reality we find ourselves in has produced big sales of an interesting product: SLEEP AIDS.. things like melatonin, CBD gummies, and ZZZQUIL have skyrocketed.

Perhaps the zombie mentality we find ourselves in has been the result of the news cycle in overdrive, fears over the virus, and addiction to our smart phones. People are restless and edgy.. Their smart phones and social media wars aren’t helping.

Finally, could there be a chance that the sleepless nights are resulting from a fear of sleep itself! After all, just a year ago we began talking about how the nation appeared to be suffering from a mass cycles of nightmares and terrors at the 3am witching hour..

So it is possible.. has “THIS MAN” finally won? Has he succeeded in keeping us awake and forcing the nation into a zombie mindframe!?


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