More reporting on mysterious Havana syndrome

This reporting from DNYUZ:

President Biden’s top aides were told on Friday that experts studying the mysterious illnesses affecting scores of diplomats, spies and their family members were still struggling to find evidence to back up the leading theory, that microwave attacks are being launched by Russian agents.

The report came in an unusual, classified meeting called by the director of national intelligence, Avril D. Haines, according to several senior administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the investigations and efforts to treat victims of the so-called Havana syndrome — the unexplained headaches, dizziness and memory loss reported by scores of State Department officials, C.I.A. officers and their families.

A screenshot for the record:

At this point the Biden administration is not saying very much publicly, but somewhere privately leaking out information that they are “shocked“ at how disorganized the intelligence operation was during the previous four years.

The president did speak at least once on the Havana syndrome topic, but despite media attention in some circles the story is being largely unreported.

Some speculate that this was an espionage act that turned into a health act, with high reaching consequences if this mystery is not unlocked..

What weapon is being used, what maneuvers are being performed to make people have the strange health anomalies that they do, dating back to at least 2016 in Cuba.

We will continue following ..


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