The Havana Syndrome spreads: A wearable sensor may be coming!

Intrigue and confusion greets us on this report..

A strange syndrome continues to afflict people around Washington D.C. , and specifically the White House..

CNN is among the media reporting:

Two White House officials were struck by a mysterious illness late last year — including one who was passing through a gate onto the property — newly revealed details that come as investigators are still struggling to determine who or what is behind these strange incidents.

Multiple sources tell CNN that the episodes affected two officials on the National Security Council in November 2020, one the day after the presidential election and one several weeks later. The cases are consistent with an inexplicable constellation of sensory experiences and physical symptoms that have sickened more than 100 US diplomats, spies and troops around the globe and have come to be known as “Havana Syndrome.

We need to contemplate what is occurring here.. the idea that someone, something, is attacking our officials.

Not only in Cuba like years ago, but on our soil. On the grounds of the White House itself!

The government has successfully identified and fielded a blood test that can point to some markers that may indicate exposure, according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the matter. That test was among the diagnostic tools used in recent cases of intelligence officers who reported symptoms consistent with Havana Syndrome, and in the case of at least one of the White House victims, according to sources familiar with the matter. But the test alone is not enough to offer a clear diagnosis…


“I’m appalled that many of these individuals who were injured in the line of duty have had to fight to get adequate medical care, to have their injuries even recognized and acknowledge and to receive financial compensation,” said Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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This is a clear threat.. This is a clear danger. Most media is ignoring these attacks occurring on American soil..

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We have previously reported on this strange syndrome weeks ago and many years ago, as well..

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