Biden team issues ‘Havana syndrome’ guidance for US personnel

National security officials at the White House were recently issued a warning: move away from the immediate area as soon as possible if you ever feel the acute onset of pressure, sound or heat in the head.

In brown bag lunches over the past week, policy staff at the Pentagon have been instructed to report any strange, sudden health symptoms without delay.

The U.S. government is sending a message to diplomats, national security staff and intelligence officers that “anomalous health incidents” — also known as “Havana syndrome” because it was first detected in Cuba — are serious, widespread and pose real danger to their health at home and abroad.
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This interesting report comes a day after global news articles published opinions that the entire syndrome was just imaginary and conflated by attention..

Clearly the government is taking it seriously.

We have previously reported that government buildings including even the White House were targets of the potential attacks..

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