The disappearance Jesse Farber appears on Danelle Hallan YouTube channel

Jesse Lee Farber, also known as Jesse Rex, was last seen on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 11, 2015 in Tamaqua, PA.

Danelle Hallan is a popular Youtuber and presented this video about Farber.

Hallan said that Farber’s mom reached out to her to get this story out to a larger audience.
The family believes there is something deeper to the story ..

Hallan does a fine bit of work at setting up the video, describing Jesse’s behavior, and extreme nervousness and battles over money..

According to police, Farber made a frantic call to his girlfriend Rachel prior to the disappearance. Her account included a statement that he needed to “do things on his own.”

Police took on large scale examinations of mountains and cliffs west of Tamaqua after Farber vanished.

Before he vanished, he told his girlfriend he was being chased by coyotes and was hiding in a tree–she said to bring guns and come to find him..

He seemed panicked and seemingly feared for his life.

Police believe that he met his fate when he was chased or attached by coyotes–the wild animal version.

Farber’s mother, Norma Fritz, agreed on the premise of coyotes but felt instead it was at the hands of the infamous drug gang..

He could have fallen into an air shaft.

A summary article appeared in the November 25, 2018 of the Allentown Morning Call.


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