Reporters ask police: Could Idaho University stabbings be connected to previous knife crime in another city?

While the investigation stays quiet concerning potential leads and suspects, reporters are asking police if they think previous knife crimes could be related

College town on edge: Killer or killers on the loose

“That individual is still out there,” Moscow Police Chief James Fry said during a news conference Wednesday. “We cannot say there is no threat to the community.”

U of I postponed a vigil scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednesday to the week of Nov. 28, after students return from the break. The university canceled classes Monday while police investigated the deaths, and some professors have taken it upon themselves to call things off for the week…

The DAHMER Netflix movie has enraged some family of deceased–and cast who worked on it have PTSD!?

“Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” production coordinator Kim Alsup went viral on Twitter before the Netflix series even debuted when she revealed she was “treated horribly” on set. ..

And Errol Lindsey’s sister Rita Isbell felt that Netflix should have asked for their thoughts on the project. Instead, she feels like “they’re just making money off of this tragedy. That’s just greed.”

Only in America: Terror at July 4th parade in Illinois

Independence Day parade mass shooting in Illinois Initial reports: Police are responding to a shooting in downtown Highland Park, Illinois, in the area of a July 4th parade, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said. The city of Highland Park, a suburb about 25 miles north of Chicago, said its Independence Day parade has been canceled … Read moreOnly in America: Terror at July 4th parade in Illinois

Saturday night shooting in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia mass shooting

At least 3 killed, 11 injured in mass shooting on South Street At least three people were killed and 11 injured when multiple people opened fire in the busy South Street area of Philadelphia Saturday night, police said. Officers were patrolling the area when they heard gunfire shortly before midnight, Philadelphia Police Inspector D.F. Pace … Read moreSaturday night shooting in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia mass shooting

Texas Department of Public Safety admits “it was wrong” not to immediately breach the class door

While taking questions from reporters during Friday’s news conference, Col. Steven McCraw of the Texas Department of Public Safety criticized some aspects of the police response to the shooting, in particular regarding the time it took for officers to engage with the gunman.
“A decision was made that this was a barricaded subject situation,” McCraw said of the incident commander’s “thought process” at the time.


Can we admit, this week has been awful.. the mood of America is divided.. depressed… morbid.. and angry. We are mixed with rage and rot.. The apple has been browning for years.. it has made it to the core.. We have no other words to offer.. Just that it’s all sickening, and awful. Just awful..