The ‘Schuylkill note’ just got a little more hostile

For years, we have been reporting on weird notes being found in grocery stores across Pennsylvania, with the occasional other state report. We even did pre-AI work and translated the note back in 2020 into searchable text.

But now, as we review a new note that was found in a box of Pringle Mini’s in the Frackville PA Boyers supermarket, it is evident the tone of the note has changed.

The newest note we have seen, shown here, features some new key words and included Oprah with a few other names that include Musk.

But the final statement on the note seems most alarming: Our #1 enemies r ‘Americans.’

A previous note that was featured on WBRE Eyewitness news showed a note that ended with a our number 1 enemies are ‘domestic.’

The note found in Frackville ups the ante on the conclusion to the weird note.

A few weeks ago, a video made rounds dubbing the entire ordeal as the ‘Schuylkill Notes.’ There is even a Wikipedia page now posted that references a number of sites that reported about this, including the Coal Region Canary.

We began reporting on this early in COVID year 1.

Mainstream news sources also picked up the story in 2024 despite the notes circulating for years.

WBRE and Andy Mehalshick have been attempting to bring awareness, and have been reporting since late 2023. In a December 2023 report, WBRE stated that the FDA was aware of the situation, and two Pennsylvania Congressmen were interviewed about it:

Congressman Dan Meuser says he is looking for answers.

“We’re definitely going to stay on top of this. If it’s concerning to our constituents which it clearly is, it’s concerning to us. So, we are going to stay in touch with our contacts at the FBI and the FDA. Everything that we can find out that we can share we will.”

Congressman Matt Cartwright says he also has been in contact with federal agencies about the mystery notes.

There’s been no indications of sickness but you don’t want to take any chances and we want to find out who is doing this. It’s obviously somebody’s idea of a weird joke but you don’t want to let get any further than that,” said Matt Cartwright.

Beyond those reports and government awareness, there has been no comment on any pending investigations or actions taken.

We have been attempting to discern just how these notes have been spread so far and wide. It seemingly would be unlikely that it’s happening in stores themselves–too risky and too many people can see. An assembly line in a packaging plant may be easier–but so often those locations have a more cameras that a Hollywood movie studio. That said, notes seems to be slipped into packaging–though we have received at least two comments in previous years of people claiming it was securely placed underneath bags in packaging, which may illustrate it is a bit more complicated than just slipping in a note within seconds.

And it’s not just stores–it is parks, too. As the Pittsburgh TRIBUNE reported in January,

While hiking in Lebanon County’s Swatara State Park, 23-year-old Zachary Zimmerman told the Inquirer he found more than a few of the notes on trees and wrapped around stones.

“I picked it up and read it, and it really doesn’t make any sense to me,” Zimmerman told the Inquirer. “It’s just a bunch of crazy stuff.”

And there is also some clear care that goes into packaging the note for consumption in outside venues:

The mystery continues..