As we gear up for the 3 hour slightly horrific THE BATMAN movie coming out in just a few weeks, we were sent this image by someone who also is a Batman fan: It is a series of images of the JOKER from the 1940s original to the modern day 2021..

We are hardpressed to say that any JOKER since 2003 has been as cool as ALL of the Jokers prior to that time frame.. Especially amazing, of course, is the Mark Hammil voiced Joker from the 1993 animated show..

But the BEST of all, in our opinion, is that lifeless original 1940 clown prince of crime.. haphazardly glazed over eyes.. vacant smile.. Lifeless corpse like face.

THE BATMAN will feature the Riddler in a true crime-esque script.. That should be cool.

But that JOKER just remains the constant perfect villain in all of comic history.

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