Do you love that Joker? Todd Phillips reveals Phoenix as the sad clown..

Instead of letting the paparazzi ruin the prize, Todd Phillips is going to fight back with his own images… This is the new JOKER… Director of the upcoming Joker film Todd Phillips has posted another shot of Joaquin Phoenix in makeup on Instagram, though this time he is decidedly in a full clown costume. The … Read moreDo you love that Joker? Todd Phillips reveals Phoenix as the sad clown..

Loving that Joker

The  former DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson shared the following tweet following the public’s first look at Phoenix in his Joker make-up: “LOVE IT! Great story, great actor, specific and string vision from talented director,” said Nelson said on her verified Twitter account.  “What DC should have been doing since Nolan. Even if die hard fans … Read moreLoving that Joker

Who’s that Joker!? The paparazzi are on the trail

The JOKER film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a mystery.. only a few tidbits have been revealed and recently this past weekend showcased a short 30 second trailer of Phoenix slowly transforming his face into the clown prince of crime.. But the paparazzi are on the trail.. This past weekend TMZ featured this blazing article … Read moreWho’s that Joker!? The paparazzi are on the trail


Joaquin Phoenix on his role as the Clown Prince of Crime: “It Scares the Shit Out of Me” MORE IN Collider, Phoenix just opened up about taking on the role, which has notoriously been one that seems to push actors into some pretty dark places. “I think [Todd Phillips] is very impressive and he seems … Read moreLOVE THAT JOKER

JARED LETO as the Joker fully revealed.. These are photos from the TORONTO set of the SUICIDE SQUAD filming.  While the NET may have gone crazy when David Ayer revealed the cast of the SUICIDE SQUAD–minus LETO–it’s the JOKER attire that most have long awaited. And now the these photos may wet the appetite of … Read more

Loving that Harley Quinn

David Ayer on Twitter summonses the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD.. and yes, that is Harley Quinn.. Also shown:  Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang.. And more. With each new photo and each new day, the SUICIDE SQUAD looks better and better.. Still.. I wonder about the Jared Leto JOKER.. the jury remains out on that..