Who’s that Joker!? The paparazzi are on the trail

The JOKER film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a mystery.. only a few tidbits have been revealed and recently this past weekend showcased a short 30 second trailer of Phoenix slowly transforming his face into the clown prince of crime..

But the paparazzi are on the trail..

This past weekend TMZ featured this blazing article on its wesite:  Joaquin Phoenix keeps giving us a little more as The Joker — this time he’s in full costume as The Jester of Genocide … and he’s all smiles about it.

Joker—which also stars Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, Glenn Fleshler, and Brett Cullen— is set to hit theaters on October 4, 2019..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS-uRryvd7U]

TODD PHILLIPS is looking to battle paparazzi over leaked JOKER photos: While shooting in New York City, footage and photos of Phoenix in attire with the classic Joker color palette leaked on the internet and Phillips retaliated by releasing his own photos.

Commenters started to complain that Phillips was releasing too many photos and information about the movie to which he responded: “Here’s the issue. We have paparazzi all over our set, at every turn. And it bums me out that they constantly put out their bad shots. So I figure, may as well put out some good ones.” MORE..

The Phoenix incarnation has a delightfully playful look .. behind the smile is a ruthless criminal who, by any measure, will bring scares and most likely a near R rated or R rated film next Halloween ’19 .. His presence seems to have a bit of the Bill Murray appearance as the HORROR REPORT pointed out this past weekend.. But also, the newest leaked footage began to remind us of the Heath Ledger version coupled with the face and hair of the 1960s Romero.. We will all be glued to our seats as we watch where this ride takes us..

It will be wild.

With paparazzi hiding behind every piece of brick and mortar where filming is taking place, there is no doubt Todd Phillips will remain unhappy as he wishes to keep this all very much secret until next year..