Season of the Byers

It appears that the Duffer Brothers are going to give us something other than simple neck tingles in the newest stranger Stranger Things 5 when it eventually is released ..

And while we don’t know exactly when the newest season release will be, as a matter of fact we don’t even know when it’s going to be filmed, it’s about time that there’s more focus on Will Byers.

Season two gave us an adequate display of the trauma that the character has seen since his abduction by, either the Demogordon or Vetna we don’t know, in the first season…

Without giving away too many spoilers, season four is grand finale gave us the famous neck tingle as the camera cut to an eerily colorful and frightening sky over Hawkins.

Multiple fan theories have claimed that Will Byers will be killed off in the final season, or under a different scenario actually is in charge of the upside down by somehow playing in imagine world of dungeons and dragons with real life.

Either way, something epic appears to be coming his way.

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