By now you have seen the Tiktok and other social media videos: People joyously beginning their slide down a massive creation until they get into it, and bounce around like sacks of potatoes.. neck and back alignments at local doctors could very well be taking place today.

A local news report about the popular Giant Slide in Belle Isle from this weekend:

But was it just all user error!?
There seemed to be a certain way to conduct your body on the slide to prevent it from the shocking convulsions so many seemed to face?

Just lean forward. Don’t stop leaning forward. And of course, hold on tight.

One user on Tiktok filmed the slide gone awry.. from the perspective of the slider.

Did he hold on tight or just let go with all his might?

This slide looks like the real life version of what Phinneas and Ferb would make during summer vacation.

And despite the videos showing bouncing bodies, don’t tell me you wouldn’t try it!

Kind of like those who attended Woodstock 99 and were interviewed by Netflix for TRAINWRECK: It was body and chaotic.. but they all say they’d do it again.

Calling our lawyers. Personal injury attorneys’ phones may be busy tomorrow.

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