The Satanists sell out!

It’s been a busy time for Satanists in Oklahoma.. though things almost fell apart when they stole Communion hosts, once they returned the Body of Christ back to the Catholic Church things were a ‘go’ for them.. The greenlighting of the black mass occurred and the nation shuddered in fear.. Is this only going to … Read moreThe Satanists sell out!

Welcome to the gates of hell?

This photo shows the Pope speaking before his general audience September 10 2014. The official Vatican trade reported that Pope Francis greeted a paralyzed man.. There are several other photos from the day but this one I post just sort of stood out at me. Perhaps it’s because the scenery behind the people listening to Francis speak … Read moreWelcome to the gates of hell?

Behind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Remember, during that horror movie you’re watching, it is all just make believe. If you still don’t believe it, consider this: Behind the scenes photographs of horror flicks ..Hannibal Lector eating not flesh, but a french fry.. Michael Myers enjoying a Dr. Pepper.. And yes, even the gang ‘chillin’ with Freddy K.. A lot of the … Read moreBehind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Weird tales and beheaded animals across the world

Beheaded Goat, Other Dead Animals Found in Westchester » A beheaded goat and several other dead animals have been found in plastic bags near a New York reservoir. Beheadings seemingly are happening everywhere.. ISIS.. Saudi Arabia.. New York.. The Westchester county SPCA is investigating the headless goat and other animals found in New York.. Many … Read moreWeird tales and beheaded animals across the world

Asymmetric Instigations

Asymmetric Solutions goes to Facebook to talk about their Ferguson work » This has been very controversial—especially since this company has assisted in operations in war torn nations in the Middle East. Some felt uncomfortable with their newfound role in Ferguson. Addrressing those concerns, someone authored a lengthy response on the company’s Facebook page, which … Read moreAsymmetric Instigations

The strange case of the porcelain dolls- UPDATED WITH FINAL STORY

UPDATE 7/25/14: An update to the strange case of the porcelain dolls reported on the HORROR REPORT yesterday: The person behind the event has been found by the police in the gated community.. According to cops at this point, the dolls were left outside the homes of girls they resemble as a gesture of ‘good … Read moreThe strange case of the porcelain dolls- UPDATED WITH FINAL STORY