Get to know your local clown

Just days ago, the news of “Wasco the Clown” dominated headlines in California . . The creepy clown was spotted on park benches, and people were following him on social media, often scouting out at night to see if they could catch a glimpse. There were even tales of copycat clowns, some who may have chased children with an ax through dark streets..

Apparently the great 2014 clown scare is broadening.. freakish and ghoulish images of clowns nationwide are now trending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The latest location for clown sightings include Florida, Indiana, and New Mexico.

Jacksonville residents, UPI tells us, are uniquely freaked. Clowns are now appearing in surveillance and security cameras.. UPI reports that one clown walks up to a person’s porch and tears a pumpkin apart–all the while staring into the camera.

Thus far, the clowns are simply scaring with their actions. Crimes are not being committed–but a sense of security is being hurt.. The idea of a clown, sometime around midnight, staring in your window is haunting. This Halloween season, with all the trouble in the world, clowns are back en vogue. You can thank  AMERICAN HORROR STORY. You can also thank Wasco. But mostly, you can thank the endless number of people who want to join in the bizarre craze across the nation..