Norway is about to set a trend. If you haven’t heard, they are going to become the first nation in the world to officially dump FM–frequency modulation–radio. FM, around since the 1930s globally, has been a steadfast friend to people driving or radio fans for decades. It’s obvious to say: The popularity of FM has … Read moreWHAT’S YOUR FREQUENCY NORWAY?

Fortean TIMES website goes offline today

The website for the popular British publication FORTEAN TIMES is www.forteantimes.com. The HORROR REPORT has been reading this publication and a fan since we entered onto the Internet scene over 12 years ago. But now that website is in trouble.. According to information being posted on the FORTEAN TIMES Facebook page, owner of the site … Read moreFortean TIMES website goes offline today

Taking the low road

DAILY MAIL reports: Online revenge: U.S. State Department tweets pics of dead ISIS jihadis » After Tuesday night’s airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, the US government tweeted photos of four dead jihadis on an account that already distributed pics of airstrike gunsights and rocket launches. The hashtag is #thinkagainturnaway. I am thinking again. Someone else … Read moreTaking the low road