A weeping statue in New Mexico? Cry Mary Cry

Reporting from New Mexico details accounts of a supposedly crying statue of the Virgin Mary.. people being drawn from states away to see the event take place before their eyes, according to reporting.

The father says the statue was built in Mexico and was on loan to this church. They will now try to keep it permanently.

The Archdiocese of Las Cruces has been called in to investigate. He says the church treats their investigation in a very scientific way.

Those at the church say at one point, the "supposed" tears were soaked up with cotton balls and preserved as part of that investigation.

Government official suffers “brain injury” in China

Various sources are reporting this news.. it’s quote from ABC NEWS in its summation of odd events: 

A U.S. government employee in southern China suffered a brain injury after reporting strange "sensations of sound and pressure,” a strikingly similar account to what American personnel experienced in recent years in CubaState Department officials said on Wednesday. In a health alert to American citizens in China posted online Wednesday, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in China said an employee stationed in the sprawling port city of Guangzhou had "recently reported subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure." The cause of the reported symptoms remains unknown.

This is similar to the same news that came from Cuba in 2017, where various government officials of varied background were reporting odd brain injuries and health problems.. there are still mysteries surrounding those accounts—one even talked about a wall vanishing in front of him and almost paranormal otherworldly events.. Linda Moulton Howe recently appeared on Coast to Coast AM to detail out more of the odd Cuba issue.

Now enter into the picture the Chinese conundrum.. normal sensations. Sound. Pressure. All consistent with a new modern weapon of epic proportions? All consistent with .. what?

The mystery now continues, at least in the public eye. There is a vague faint hope that officials behind the scenes may know what it is and how to beat it. We can only hope.

Booms in Pennsylvania being investigated by the FBI

“I thought that somebody was making a tunnel or space junk fell out of the sky,” said Susan Crompton, who lives in Haycock Township.

“From poachers, gunfire, to explosions to a sonic boom,” said Jerry Hertz of the mysterious sound.

There have been no shortages of theories, but still no answer as to why so many residents have been jolted by mysterious and near-deafening sounds.




Of all the news in the world this is what people will be talking about.. The NFL has suddenly decided to BAN kneeling next season during the National Anthem..

..teams will be fined for noncompliance..

Learning to nap in New York City.. the city that never sleeps. It's getting so unhealthy that urbanites are having to reconnect basck to rest..

Box office preview: 'Solo' Headed for Lowest Opening of Disney 'Star Wars' Movies Disney and Lucasfilm's spinoff Solo: A Star Wars Story is tracking to open to $130 million to $150 million over the long holiday weekend, with $130 million being on the low end of expectations. To date, the Memorial Day record-holder for top domestic launch is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) with $139.8 million, not adjusted for inflation...

Millie Bobby Brown calls the STRANGER THINGS 3 story beautiful.. The show is being slated for a 2019 debut.. fans will have to wait...

Getting messy with Nessie

A New Zealand scientist is leading an international team to the lake next month, where they will take samples of the murky waters and conduct DNA tests to determine what species live there.

University of Otago professor Neil Gemmell says he’s no believer in Nessie, but he wants to take people on an adventure and communicate some science along the way. Besides, he says, his kids think it’s one of the coolest things he’s ever done.

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