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There's no Doubt!(Fire)

The world is a weird place

There's something in the water

And therefore the fish..

The blood moon rising

Born under red, you're better off dead

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Saturday before Easter

Saturday morning.. the day before Easter. All through the world.. bunnies were coming, candy unfurled.

The news as it is known now. It may change by the time you're done reading this..

The captain and two crew members from the sunken South Korea ferry have been arrested.. But that is little comfort to family members who are giving DNA swabs to help identify the dead..

This story was disgusting: According to police, Florida's Daymeon Wygant smothered a 16-month-old who was crying just so he could play more X-BOX.. A few months ago, the guy who rescued his X-BOX from a house fire got attention. This obviously blows that out of the water for all the wrong reasons.  After he killed his own son, he then played games and watched FRINGE for five hours afterwards..  This disgusting man deserves all the punishment he can get.. I have no forgiveness at all for crimes against children, especially those based off of such a decadent reason.. 

Jackson-Ground Slipping

A still from YouTube video by Enjoykin
The "sex symbol of Russia" Natalya Poklonskaya's 'music' video hits almost 4 million hits in three days..

Police in Hawaii are not permitted to have sex with prostitutes anymore.. (Yes they were before this)

General Mills in charge: If you like a product by General Mills on Facebook, it may prevent you from being able to sue the company!  The NEW YORK TIMES went in depth on why 'liking' a product voids the right to sue the product's maker.. I have always thought about this myself on Facebook.. that is why I don't 'like' things of any market value. I frankly typically don't 'like' much on Facebook at all. Except the HORROR REPORT, which is on Facebook! Like me today. And you can still sue me tomorrow.

Bangerz no more: The remainder of Miley Cyrus' tour has been postponed.. The gyrating pop star has been in the hospital over an 'extreme allergic reaction' to an antibiotic.. All of this after she had a sinus infection.. She is facing a long recovery..  She has been said to have Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Which is pretty serious stuff: Read about it here.. Something has been cursed about this Miley Cyrus tour from the start.. Sure she had fake online oral sex with a fake Bill Clinton. And yes she made out with Katy Perry. Plus she utilized the 'hot dog'  as part of her act..  But her tour bus also blew up, her dog died,  and Sky Ferreria was injured on the set of Bangerz.. One more: A construction worker from the Bangerz tour set sued Miley over an injury too.. When you play with the devil, you get the horns..

OCULUS takes a fresh approach to horror genre..

Easter weekend movies: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is a surprise to some .. and CAPTAIN AMERICA may pass the $200 mil mark.. 

Update: Bryan Singer is one of many who attend wild Hollywood parties..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Freaky Good Friday

The story of the sunken South Korea ferry has been on our radar--it is tragic and pointless that so many probably lost their lives in such as accident. But news today just got weirder: Prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for the captain of the ship--the man who said sorry but also who apparently may not have been in command when the ferry went down.. And this: The high school principal who was among the rescued has been found dead. Hanging from a tree in an apparent suicide..  According to reports, he was found hanging from a tree where relatives of the missing have been camping out .. The events are going from tragic to incomprehensible.. What did this Captain know--or what didn't he? The world is watching..

The ferry sunk at sea.. the plane went missing on then planet. News on Flight 370 has turned into a trickle.. A robotic sub is trying to find the plane.. But it has not yet. And maybe will not..

AP Photo
Pope washes the feet of disabled and elderly Muslim . Francis, doing things again only like Peter the Roman can.. 

Update: Michael Egan, Bryan Singer's accuser, alleges a number of rapes by Hollywood moguls..  Egan said the FBI and police were made aware of the allegations in 2000, but nothing came from those cases.. and something similar to what Corey Feldman has been saying for years: Allegations are being made in this case that Egan and other minors were 'passed around like pieces of meat' at the supposed sex orgies.. The real question: What does FOX do now about the release of X-MEN 2?  It's release date is next month.. And FOX is left scrambling and Singer has skipped this weekend's WonderCon Fanfest..  the joke already is being made: X-MEN 2 should be renamed XXX-MEN ..  Fanboys and fanmen are already debating the movie release--and the Singer allegations. Just look at how heated the comments thread is becoming on AINT IT COOL..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Thursday for clean feet

A Thursday with attitude.
IF you're a Catholic, today's the day you'll want to have clean feet.
Otherwise you're fine.
Twas the Thursday before Easter.. and all through the Church, people were praying, and the world was in lurch..

History is repeated. Re-written. And known.
Here's the news and other oddities worth reading:

Things are getting ever so much closer to war in Ukraine.. Putin now says he may invade.. Three were killed in a Ukraine attack.. Talks in Geneva will be watched closely..  An obvious developing story..

More on the Ukrainian military base shooting: 3 are dead, and 13 are injured.. apparently it was a gunfire confrontation between protesters and soldiers.. 

Move over flight 370, CNN has a new disaster to cover.. All joking aside, it's a tragic situation in South Korea as a ferry sinks at sea.. The captain said "I am sorry" and 287 people are still missing--missing seems to be the nicest way to describe their most likely unfortunate fate.. There were 46 lifeboats on the ferry--and only 1 was deployed..  Some think the boat may have veered off course leading to the sinking..

Speaking of flight 370: An oil slick thought to be a potential sign of the missing jet is not. It's not linked at all to the missing flight ..

A pyramid built to track the end of the world..

Food prices soar (as predicted in 2012 for this year) .. Beef, pork, and shrimp skyrocket..

Government actively hiring on people to monitor chat rooms and internet conversations..

Explained: Why there is a bullseye over Texas..

Western Telegraph: PICTURE: Elyse O'Neill
UK woman's weird close encounter with UFO that broke into two..

The attempted final cut: Rapper from WU TANG CLAN cuts off his penis and jumps off building in attempted suicide..

X-MEN director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing a teenage old boy at his California mansion..  The story is disturbing if true: The federal lawsuit alleges that Singer drugged and raped the boy in 1999..  the WRAP obtained information and published the name of the accuser--though the lawyers issued a press release actually publishing the accused name themselves.. And releasing next month: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Looks like the past may be haunting singer this month.

When I read or hear stories in relation to what Bryan Singer may have done, I always think back to the words uttered on numerous occasions by Corey Feldman and the pedophile industry in Hollywood..  I always found what Feldman has been saying on this subject to have merit..

Heaven Is For Real
MOVE OVER NOAH! Christians embrace HEAVEN IS FOR REAL at box office..

FORBES: What HEAVEN IS FOR REAL has in common with horror movies 

The world's most annoying people get engaged: Donnie with Jenny..

Mrs. Doubtfire 2 Is In The Works image
Robin Williams is returning as MRS DOUBTFIRE for a sequel.. really. Hollywood is clearly out of ideas..  Call it the revival of the 90s. Nostalgic for the roaring end to the 20th century.. But now is the chance for Hollywood to make it right: Let's make MRS DOUBTFIRE 2 a horror movie!

This is a very creepy story from the 4CHAN X room.. Just read it for yourself. And wonder if we are simply tissue being grabbed by the 'real world' ...

Lindsay Lohan is 27. Is she trying to join 'the club'? The latest information on her is that she was barely able to stand at a viewing party on April 6.. 

Flashback: The boy in a box from Philadelphia still unsolved..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The day after the blood moon rising

The world is embroiled in a heated exchange of hatred, wretchedness, and horror.
The blood moon rose last night--a few places were shielded from its sinister glow due to cloud cover. The others who were without a shroud saw the first of four of these events.
Tis the season..
Easter is upon us..the pagan rituals of bunnies and chocolate crucifixes are back for another round.
Meanwhile, some news events of importance in the Day After the Blood Moon Rising..

Reality was weird on NBC as morning show hosts became oddly apocalyptic over the 'signs' in the sky..

Blood moon photos hit web--few selfies included...

As above, so below.. Mars, the god of war, shines brightly in the night sky. Meanwhile on the planet earth, Russia is warning that Ukraine is on the bring of civil war.. The strife and potential war is a new problem for President Obama..  Sanctions may actually do nothing in this matter.. Russia's news agency is being 'brief' in its assessment that war is upon us.. Ukraine's forces are ON THE MOVE..

More weirdness in the every so weird story of missing flight 370.. It's still missing, CNN is still running 'breaking news' every time a new blip or beep shows up.. and now this: The co-pilot's cell phone was ON and actually made contact with a cell tower around the same time the plane vanished from radar.. but also this: There is no evidence that Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to make a call.. (?) .. And yes, this is puzzling experts for obvious reasons.  If (IN 2001!) flight 93 passengers made frantic calls to their families to say goodbye, why in 2014 was there no cell calls from Flight 370. Except the co-pilot, of course. The co-pilot who did not make a call of course.. What? Confused yet?
Weird beyond belief at this point.

Promise and hope: A new nose spray may actually protect against all forms of the flu. All..

A long history between Cliven Bundy and the FEDs.. a wrap..

Sy Hersh on the scandal of Benghazi--and the real reason it's a scandal. Here'a clue: It's not something you've heard from conservatives...

A new disease is here, for which there is no vaccine: Perfectionism. Apparently, we're now told from experts *(who presumably don't want to be perfect)* that trying to be perfect is bad for your health. Perhaps so bad that it's even as dangerous as smoking.. Put that in your perfect pipe and smoke it.

German kids 'sick' after porno party--but were they? Mass panic? Kids ages 10 to 15 were involved, no alcohol was found, but boys were dressing as pimps and girls were in fishnet stockings.. While many children complained of sicknesses, no one was really sick except for perhaps 1..

The state of our oceans: Norway man founds a DILDO in his cod!

Mystery explosions in UK are baffling experts.. 

7 scary movies to watch for Easter..

Johnny Depp joins TUSK..

SCARY COCK! Rumors that a chicken began talking in Arabic before slaughter causes panic in Nigeria..

And finally, here is your inspiration to imagine that maybe something better exists after life on this planet. Does this video show an angel appearing at a funeral? Maybe a trick of the light.. maybe something more miraculous. Fast forward to 3:50 as the Moonlight Sonata plays..ominously ..