That's a wrap: Sunday news roundup for the first weekend of fall

Michael Moore falls flat with dismal box office opening for Fahrenheit 11/9.. Eli Roth’s adaptation of the popular children’s book picked up a better-than-expected $26.8 million when it opened in 3,592 locations. The fantasy film, starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, didn’t face much competition. A number of holdovers filled out the top five as a trio of new releases came in way under expectations...

But don't count Trump satire out yet: The Briarcliff Entertainment political documentary landed in eighth place, coming in way under estimates with $3.1 million from 1,719 venues. Launching the film in over a thousand theaters might have hurt its box office potential. Most specialized films start small in a select amount of theaters before slowly expanding nationwide as word of mouth builds..

Paul Simon returns to the sounds of silence.. MORE: Paul Simon ended his final concert tour under a moonlit sky on home turf Saturday, telling an audience in a park in Queens, N.Y., that their cheers "mean more than you can know." Simon performed at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which he said was a 20-minute bicycle ride from where he grew up, ending the landmark night with his first big hit, "The Sound of Silence."

Reactions to Netflix's MANIAC..

America's got Talent contestant arrested: One day after talent standout Michael Ketterer came in fifth place in the singing competition’s finale, the singer was taken into custody..

STRANGER THINGS on Halloween: Universal Studios Orlando's 2018 fright fest features 80s thrills and chills, including "Stranger Things," "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" and "Poltergeist"

Behind the scene footage of Joaquin Phoenix in JOKER flick revealed..

TODD PHILLIPS is looking to battle paparazzi over leaked JOKER photos: While shooting in New York City, footage and photos of Phoenix in attire with the classic Joker color palette leaked on the internet and Phillips retaliated by releasing his own photos. Commenters started to complain that Phillips was releasing too many photos and information about the movie to which he responded: “Here’s the issue. We have paparazzi all over our set, at every turn. And it bums me out that they constantly put out their bad shots. So I figure, may as well put out some good ones.” MORE..

PC HALLOWEEN: Handmaid's Tale costume sparks outrage online.. retailer pulls the outfit..

Sunday night bomshell: Drudge Says Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer Set to Break Report on Kavanaugh: ‘Another Woman?’

The Drudge Report turns out to be accurate...
Earlier on Sunday, this was the page:

On Sunday night shortly after this report, The New Yorker published the account of a woman who claims Kavanaugh thrust his penis in her face when both were students at Yale. Senate Democrats are investigating the new allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

In addition, shortly after Drudge’s report went live, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti issued a statement via Twitter claiming, “I represent a woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.” That woman is not, according to Avenatti, the same woman who came forward in the New Yorker article...

New Mandela Effect adventures in Hi Fi

It's been a while since a good Mandela Effect has reared its reality-shifting head.

Let's travel back in time to 1996. I recall my friend Jared introducing me during freshman year to a new CD (I moved on from cassette tapes around 8th grade) called NEW ADVENTURES IN HI FI .. REM was the ground who pleasured fans with this album.

The songs were mellow.. there was a certain feeling to the music that REM was becoming deeper and more enigmatic ..

Fast forward a bit in decades and potentially in realities: I read this account on a music site by someone who recently purchased the CD and realized that there may have been some words forgotten...

This is how the actual cover SHOULD look:

Most of the commentary on the message board in response don't mention any Mandela related shift.

The post seems to attempt to explain what may have occurred:

So ... why am I presenting this?

When I was a kid, I have distinct and complete memories of this CD. I recall at the time I wondered "why didn't they finish their sentence" on the cover.. My CD, I remember, also did not include the words "HI FI" ...

And now... The desperate search to locate the old copy of this CD begins. It's a possession that is mostly buried somewhere in the deepest darkest trenches of my closet of CDs, DVDs, and taped David Letterman VHS cassettes and home movies.

And if I find it? And if the "HI FI" is suddenly on the CD cover, my mind will be shocked further into Mandela Mania..

Freddy Kreuger will show up in 1980s Philadelphia thanks to a Halloween version of THE GOLDBERGS

Freddy fans have a glimpse of a more aged Freddy Kreuger.. he is happily returning to the decade that made him thanks to a Halloween sitcom..

The show is The Goldbergs, a take on a family in 1980s Philadelphia presented through the viewpoint of their youngest child, Adam (Sean Glambrone). And this Halloween, the Goldberg family is getting a pretty spooky visitor in the form of Freddy Krueger, played by Robert Englund himself..


Alyssa Milano says she was sexually assaulted when she was a teenager and explains why she didn't say anything

In her own words..

It took me years after my assault to voice the experience to my closest friends. It took me three decades to tell my parents that the assault had even happened. I never filed a police report. I never told officials. I never tried to find justice for my pain because justice was never an option.

For me, speaking up meant reliving one of the worst moments of my life. It meant recognizing my attacker’s existence when I wanted nothing more than to forget that he was allowed to walk on this Earth at all. This is what every survivor goes through. Telling our stories means being vulnerable to public attacks and ridicule when our only “crime” was to be assaulted in the first place.
And we are not alone. One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. This is the reality for survivors of sexual assault: our journey begins in fear and, for many of us, it continues in fear for the rest of our lives.
Yet, today, we will not be silenced.
On Friday, in response to President Trump’s tweet I decided to speak out about my own experience—and I welcomed other survivors of sexual assault to do the same. I encourage you to read the replies of people across the country who have carried the burden of being a survivor, sometimes for years, and never reported it.

Heather Wades into night from the Kingdom of Nye: Bell's family retakes website for "legacy" .. Developing..

From the Kingdom of Nye.. Heather Wade..?

Art Bell fans who have been following the long career he held and the shows he hosted will know that Heather Wade was handpicked by the talk show legend himself as his successor on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. That program aired most recently before his Friday the 13th death in April of this year..

Wade's adventures in late night radio have not been without controversy. Shortly before Bell's death, he was helping promote her venture into Area 51...

Multiple venues hosted her program briefly in the short aftermath of Art Bell's passage from this planet, with no true home being found. And to make matters even more contentious, Art Bell's long time webmaster Keith Rowland had a very public dispute about her doing programs to begin with!

He wrote multiple times that she was in violation of a non-compete clause when she left Midnight in the Desert post-Bell-mortem..

As of today, host very much loved paranormal heavyweight Dave Schrader has taken up the mantle as the chief host of MIDNIGHT..

For months, Wade vanished into the darkness of the night .. until now..

Heather Wade has made it public: She is returning to broadcasting radio from Pahrump, the same Nye County town in Nevada that Art Bell himself hosted live nightly for decades..

KCAA and KYAH will broadcast her new program, THE KINGDOM OF NYE... The program debuts on October 1 2018.

Subscribers will still be able to sign up.
The program promises to showcase the various bumper songs that Bell also used for years..
And Wade said she still plans on the Area 51 visit..

Wade's former website that included the namesake of Bell has been taken away from her .. According to what we have learned, Airyn Bell and family has taken away Wade's ownership of her previous domain in order to "carry on Bell's true legacy." ... that website contains a countdown clock to whatever reveal will occur in 8 days.


Wade's program will air at the same time it did when it was MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.. 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern..

It will compete against Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Coast to Coast Am with George Noory, and Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader..

There is a mixed response to Wade's return. The kingdom of Bell fans have become divided on her hosting and her new show..  The outcome of her return will be seen within days..

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FIRST FALL WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Audience growing weary of politics

THE HOUSE WITH CLOCKS ON THE WALLS is winning the first weekend of autumn at the box office.. But others movies are faring poorly  .. maybe the reason for the season is turning away from politics, especially. Michael Moore's TRUMP doc FAHRENHEIT 11/9 is doing the worst of all new releases..


The news isn't good for a trio of high-profile fall festival films opening nationwide box office — Michael Moore's new doc Fahrenheit 11/9, the edgy teen black comedy Assassination Nation and Dan Fogelman's Life Itself, according to early returns.
The only new movie doing decent business is a more commercial, Hollywood studio offering: Eli Roth's big-screen adaptation of the beloved kids book, The House With a Clock in Its Walls. The family friendly pic is headed for a weekend haul of $24 million-$25 million from 3,592 theaters after grossing $7.8 million on Friday, easily enough to top the chart.

And to be fair to Moore's newest flick: FAHRENHEIT 9/11 was released in over 2,000 theaters. .this go around the Trump documentary has been released in roughly just over 1,700..

But we have, as a nation of pop culture digesters, become quite ill from too much Trump. Yes, its ratings. But equally so, it's not when we want to escape at the theater..


Joaquin Phoenix appears in brief teaser for Joker film

The newest teaser for the 2019 film based on the Joker is out.. 

You can view it here:

But The Horror Report cannot help but conclude that 

Joaquin Phoenix looks less like the joker and more like Bill Murray from the 1990s non classic QUICK CHANGE .. 

One hole of a mystery in Arkansas

In a story reminiscent of the famed 'Mel's hole,' news from Arkansas of a hot mystery..


Flames as high as 8 to 9 feet were shooting from a hole in the ground when a fire chief got to the scene, he told the Springfield News-Leader.

“It burned that way for 30 to 45 minutes before it went out,” fire chief Donald Tucker told the newspaper.

The hole is the size of a volleyball and located just off Highway 5 South in Midway, Arkansas, KY3 reported. That’s a town of about 1,000 people in the northern-most part of the state.

Once the fire burned out, Tucker told the News-Leader that he took a temperature reading — it was 780 degrees inside, he said. The hole was about 3 and a half feet deep..

9 feet flames ... almost 1,000 degrees.. and no explanation...?

“But what caused it? I have no idea,” Tucker, chief of the town’s Volunteer Fire Protection District, told the paper. “There’s no gas lines nearby and there was no smell of natural gas.”
He isn’t the only official who has no idea what could have caused a burning hole in the ground.
“I can’t think of any geologic situation that would allow that to happen. Not in this area,” Ty Johnson with the Arkansas Geological Survey told KY3. “There’s not any fossil fuels, or natural gas or petroleum that occurs in the area.”
Geologists said they don’t think it was a lighting strike, according to the TV station.
And Jim Sierzchula, director of Baxter County’s Office of Emergency Management, told the News-Leader that the cause is still a mystery.
“At this time we don’t have a clue what it is,” he told the newspaper. He thinks it looks like an “existing hole,” and he said it smelt like burnt plastic when he got there.

Here is one of the HORROR REPORT'S favorite YouTubers showcasing some local reporting on the bizarre hole with no explanation:

There is another part of this mystery to consider. While experts state that there was no meteorite, no gas lines, no construction, no booms of any kind, a little more digging into the hole (no pun intended) is necessary before ruling all of that out..

The Baxter Bulletin from Arkansas actually reported booms around August 27 2018 in Midway.

This is the report from the local paper: 

A loud explosion was heard shortly after 2:30 p.m. on Monday. Residents across the Twin Lakes Area reported hearing the noise.
Local law enforcement officials have reported receiving numerous calls about the noise. One local law enforcement official said people in Fulton County reported hearing the noise as well.
Social media sites had people reporting they heard the noise in places such as Melbourne, Calico Rock, Norfork, Mountain Home, Marion County and rural Baxter County.
And in the early part of the summer of 2018, massive booms were being heard and felt in various parts of Arkansas and adjoining states as illustrated by this news article:

A boom so strong it shook ceiling tiles in the West Plains area was heard and felt over much of the Ozarks shortly after noon. It may have been a meteor exploding high in the atmosphere. At least that's a working theory at the National Weather Service in Springfield, which received several calls about the 12:15 p.m. event. "We first realized it when we got a call from the Little Rock office that they were getting all these reports from the Mountain Home area about a very loud, shaking boom," said Mike Griffin, meteorologist at the Springfield NWS office. "We talked to the Howell County dispatch center and they were taking a tremendous amount of calls, powerful enough it shook ceiling tiles." Griffin said he had seen reports on social media of people hearing and feeling the boom in Bolivar, West Plains and Houston, Missouri, as well as Mountain Home, Arkansas, Gainesville, Bakersfield and Salem.

Did these loud noises and explosions with earth shaking but not quaking have anything to do with this bizarre hole that shot flames from within the Earth appearing? A hole that defies all logic and expertise..? A hole that has no explanation from leading experts in fields of study who would be able to give scientific and level-headed analysis?

AT this point the only conclusion we have is that this is a mystery without a conclusion. Period.

And while this may not have any direct correlation, it's certainly worth noting and considering:

A thermal spring near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park has erupted for the fourth time in the last 60 years, a park official said Thursday.

Ear Spring on Yellowstone's Geyser Hill went from being dormant on Saturday to spewing steam and water between 20 and 30 feet (6 and 9 meters) high, a height not recorded since 1957, said park spokesman Neal Herbert. It has since continued to erupt at a near-constant height of about 2 feet (0.6 meters), he said.

There's life in the ground.


John Carpenter is back with H40 .. and with a new grittier soundtrack for the newest installment of Halloween where Jamie Lee Curtis, after all this time, take so Nick Castle as the Shape..

And a soundtrack sample is adding to the flare of the season.

Without further delay.. John Carpenter 40 years after 1978's SHAPE debut:

Halloween 40 reviews continue to trickle.. and they become more positive about the performances..

This is how Germain Lussier writes his review on the new HALLOWEEN:

The latest entry in the Halloween franchise is both a dazzling tribute to the original film as well as a unique, standalone story. It’s filled with deviations from the familiar slasher formula, but it also carefully incorporates an adoration of its predecessor that feels respectful but not overpowering. By balancing these two seemingly divergent concepts, director David Gordon Green has made a truly special horror sequel.

Set exactly 40 years after the John Carpenter original, this new Halloweenpretends none of the other sequels happened (sorry, Josh Hartnett). What did happen was, in 1978, a man named Michael Myers killed a bunch of kids, leaving behind a lone survivor named Laurie Strode. Strode was deeply traumatized by the experience and spent the next four decades preparing for what she believes is Michael’s inevitable return.

People who have seen the film or speculated on it say that Jamie Lee Curtis, without her Activia,  displays a gritty performance.. someone who has had a life ruined by the events now 40 years previous in this fiction world...

We are told that this film will include references to previous HALLOWEENS, a disposition of back stories since Michael's 1978 escape,

Lussier concludes:
Halloween isn’t just a really great horror movie, it’s a great movie, period. It’s rough around the edges at times but wins you over with its passion, its originality, and its excitement. Ultimately, it makes you hope we don’t have to wait another 40 years to see the continuation of this version of Michael Myers’ story.

White House aides quietly stunned by Trump's respectful handling of Kavanaugh accuser


White House aides who steeled themselves for what President Donald Trump would say when he finally addressed the sexual assault allegation against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were quietly stunned when Trump said the process should be followedand the accuser should be heard.
In recent days, Trump has bragged about the positive coverage he's received for his response, according to multiple sources. That response has contributed to him continuing to say Christine Blasey Ford should come forward with her story, they said.
As of Thursday, officials felt confident Kavanaugh was back on track toward confirmation.

It appears that Sunspot solar observatory and nearby post office was shut down because a janitor had child porn images

This is what KTSM is reporting:

A federal search warrant reveals that Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down as FBI agents conducted computer forensic searches for child pornography.

The source of child pornography was traced to an IP address used at the observatory and a source within the building observed a computer with "not good" images on it, the warrant states.

An investigation by the FBI revealed that a janitor is the main suspect in the search, however he has not been charged with a crime even though his name in on the warrant.

The warrant states the suspect would use the observatory Wifi and a personal laptop to download the child pornography. 

X X X X 

So that is now officially the official story. We are told. 

Of course people online are questing the veracity of the stated series of events and how a janitor, who it took days to track down for having images of child porn, is the reason that an entire observatory was shut down, black helicopters swooped in, a post office was closed, and nearby homes were evacuated.

Trick or treat: The return of Asteroid 2015 TB145

Asteroid 2015 TB145 resembles a human skull in the correct light. It swept by Earth in 2015. This Halloween it returns yet again..

This dark object measures between 625 and 700 meters, its rotation period is around three hours and, in certain lighting conditions, it resembles a human skull. In 2015, Ttghe object was discovered a few days earlier on October 10 from Hawaii using the Pan-STARRS telescope, however, the fact that it came closest to our planet on Halloween also helped it become known as the Halloween asteroid.


And beyond?

Thomas Müller, a researcher from the Max-Planck Institute, said: “The next slightly more exciting encounter will be around Halloween’s day in the year 2088, when the object approaches Earth to a distance of about 20 lunar distances.

Mulder and Scully still have the sunspot case

The internet firestorm over the sudden closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory went worldwide within the last 10 days..

As of yesterday, there was finally an official statement of some form as to why. But the statement is not going to end the rampant speculation -- these types of events get their fodder from "official statements" that fail to answer directly reasons why events occurred.

The group that manages the Facebook page for the New Mexico facility say they are cooperating with on an ongoing criminal investigation..

The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy said "we became concerned that a suspect in the investigational potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location."

AURA said it was their decision to vacate...
The sheriff in town offers a different opinion, of course.. initially when the facility closed Benny House told the press that the FBI shut the facility down.. The local police and media reported Blackhawk helicopters circling the area and "a bunch of people and work crews" with antennas..

In traditional FBI protocol, the agency is not confirming or denying an investigation.

The facility is reopening.. but the theories are not ending.

The whole event has the feel of a true life X FILES episode in action.

The real version, not fiction.

Intrigue in China: Where is Fan Bingbing

From CNN:

Fan Bingbing, one of China's highest-paid and most bankable stars, has appeared in both Chinese and Western films, including the multimillion-dollar X-Men franchise.
Across the country, her face once adorned thousands of advertisements, her star power used to sell a galaxy of luxury brands, from Cartier to Louis Vuitton. She was a regular sight at major award shows and fashion ceremonies. In 2015, Time Magazine named her China's "most famous actress." 
But the film star hasn't been seen in public since early June, when, according to a post on her verified social-media account, she went to visit a children's hospital in Tibet.
In an article by state media Securities Daily on September 6, which was later deleted, the publication said Fan had been brought "under control and about to receive legal judgment."
No official statement has been made as to Fan's whereabouts, or any potential criminal charges against the actress. 
However, in a country where top celebrities are forced to keep an inoffensive public profile to stay in the Chinese government's good graces, people have drawn their own conclusions about the actress' location.

Mystery continues on why the Sunspot solar observatory was shut down

Sunspot apologizes for the continued closure of the facilities,” a statement on the observatory’s Facebook page said on Sunday. “The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is addressing a security issue at the National Solar Observatory facility at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico and has decided to temporarily vacate the facility as a precautionary measure..

And that is just about all the public knows about why the FBI shut down the observatory within notice warning or after-event statements..

But online, theories rage into the night as to what caused the FBI to sweep into the town, close down the space observatory along with the town post office, and ever let anyone back in.. The entire observatory is reportedly empty at this time—employees obviously gone but some Twitter reports state that the actual equipment and other items have been taken away as well.

Major media is rightly paying close attention to the hurricane along the East Coast,  but lost in the Atlantic shuffle appears to be any widespread coverage of this X-FILES-ish actual event taking place in Sunspot New Mexico.

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis has been the only national voice giving any coverage to the event—his program two nights in a row now used this weird event as its subject matter. On Wednesday’s program, Clyde Lewis got a call from someone who has purported to be an informant from within the darkest confines of government.. that person stated that there is a weather modification program actively being utilized by the government. The solar observatory, the informant told Lewis, was hacked by Chinese spies.. those spies were using the solar station to get information on a nearby missile site.
Interesting theory..

The overwhelming silence from any officials on this has given rise to the conspiracy theory taking place online.

REDDIT has become an active hub for people theorizing as to the occurrences that would force the FBI and any other yet unnamed alphabet agency to take this dramatic action...

A hacking?
A mercury spill?
A disease outbreak?
A massive solar flare on the way?
The upside down opened? Calling Eleven!

One person wrote on public talk board 4Chan: “Forums are talking about it being a ‘super-flare’ strong enough to turn the surface of the planet into an uninhabitable wasteland.

“Either we'll have a press conference this week, or rich people are going to start ‘disappearing’ quietly.”

Another person added: “A big enough solar flare from our sun could wipe us out. Probably just as likely as an asteroid.”

Read more here:

Florence the ferocious finally makes it to America

She is a blowin’!

For weeks now weather forecasters have closely watched the tracks of Hurricane Florence as she made her way across the mighty Atlantic. Her arriaval to the United States isn’t necessarily being greeted with any happiness... she is already overstaying her welcome..

Hurricane Florence ground its way along the southern coast of North Carolina on Thursday night, delivering torrential rains, high winds, and an already-dangerous storm surge. As of 11 pm EDT, Florence was about 60 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, drifting northwest at 6 mph with top sustained winds of 90 mph. Although Florence had become a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, it remained a Category 5 heavy rain and inland flooding threat, and a Category 3 storm surge threat.

The eye of the storm appears to be making its way onto the shoreline of North Carolina as this post is typed on Friday September 14 at 6:45 am.. Weather Channel madman Jim Cantore is busy on live TV dodging wild wind swept items as the storm surges and the waters overflow the land..

And now the flooding begins.
And continues...

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