Dementia may begin in the womb, new study suggests In tissue samples of the brains of 54 people, 40...

In tissue samples of the brains of 54 people, 40 of whom had varying forms of dementia, scientists discovered that half had spontaneous flaws in their DNA, which may have contributed to their illness.

The scientists believe the genetic defects occurred before the people were even born, while they were embryos growing in the womb. And they fear that the same mutations may be carried by a huge number of the population, which is why dementia is so prevalent.

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“I’ve always thought that [not having a prequel] is a misruling in the mythology of A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Englund told the crowd at the recent Monster Mania convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland. “It got close to being rectified with Tobe Hooper’s pilot for the TV series, and there was a script that was supposedly to be directed by John McNaughton, who did Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. There was a prequel script… I think it was called Krueger: The First Kills. And it was… the last children being killed… the two detectives that found Freddy and busted him… then the body of the film were the ambulance-chasing, sleazy lawyers that get Freddy off.”

He continued, “The lawyers are actually the best parts [of that script]. There’s two of them. Freddy in court… Freddy at the table… Freddy on the witness stand… Freddy in jail. But it’s about the lawyers getting him off. They get him off and Freddy gloats too much on the courtroom stairs. The end of the movie is Freddy being burned alive. I’ve had a fascination with these projects since I did the pilot with Tobe Hooper.”

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British mom creates sex dolls to look like grieving widows’ dead partners! Black Mirror meets real life!

Black Mirror meets real life!

Bespoke dolls can cost up to £4,000 and be made to any specification with customers able to choose hair colour, eye colour, nail colour, weight and even if they have scars, moles or tattoos.

Businesswoman Jade says her dolls are currently booked for the next few weeks.

She is currently waiting for a new shipment from her factory in China and hopes to take her company global, as the service is currently only available in the UK.

Jade said: “I want to take this worldwide and have very grand plans.

"I’m hoping to open an office in US city of Atlanta.

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HALLOWEEN unmasked

A good podcast from the AV CLUB on Michael Myers and the enduring influence on our pop culture.. crime scene.. and life..

John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film Halloweenreconfigured the horror film genre, inspiring multiple sequels and remakes, including a new installation in the franchise due out this month. In episode three of the eight-part podcast Halloween Unmasked, host Amy Nicholson takes a deeper look at the horror masterpiece and develops a psychological profile of Michael Myers. Here she’s joined by Dr. Anthony Tobia, who teaches college classes that examine the mental illnesses of killers from classic slasher flicks. Taking into account the mental state of the movie’s masked killer, Tobia suggests a diagnosis, and even calls into question the methods of Myers’ movie psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis (played by Donald Pleasence). By looking at the origins of the phrase “serial killer”—which wasn’t coined until afterHalloween was released—real-world serial killers, and less grounded explanations of Myers’ murderous impulses from the franchise and its novels,Halloween Unmasked is the perfect podcast to listen to leading up to Halloween, and even better for augmenting your marathon-watch of the original movie series in preparation for the release of the newest Halloween.

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A very long description of the new AVENGERS trailer appeared on Reddit

A very long description of the new AVENGERS trailer appeared on REDDIT and removed.. most likely due to one of two things: 1) Major spoilers being contained. Or 2) MAJOR INACCURACIES ..

read at you own peril:

“The trailer starts off showing the damaged Infinity Gauntlet in a field on the farm planet. As the camera focuses in on the Gauntlet, we hear Tony’s voice: “We were destined to lose.” Epic music score starts. The Quinjet is shown landing in a Wakandan wasteland as we hear Steve Rogers say: “We have come so far.” Tony and Nebula step off the jet as the remaining Avengers approach. Steve has a look of relief and says: “Tony”. Tony, seemingly defeated, shakes his head and gives a friendly smirk back to Cap. Marvel Studios Logo appears.

“We get a glimpse of the Battle of New York from 2012 Avengers. Loki is shown looking shocked and baffled as he is on top of the Stark tower. There is a flash of a blue light as the camera pans back. (Cuts to black) Next we see the Wakandan throne with M’Baku at the helm. He’s surrounded by his new kingsguard. (A mix of the hill tribe and Dora Milaje). Shuri and Banner are seen working on a new project in the lab. Black Widow, in full gear, is in Hawkeye’s family home from Age of Ultron. Basically everything is thrown all over the place and broken. Nat is studying some type of map with multiple photos and locations on it. A quick shot of Thanos is shown with a long sword, walking down an alleyway in New York City. The next shot is a dark hooded figure with glowing eyes, aiming a bow and arrow before shooting towards the camera.”

“(1-2 visuals of the Quantum Realm) Scott Lang (no suit) is shown running through a park dodging explosions. (Shot of Space) Thor and Valkyrie are aboard a Kree ship. Thor says: “If the stories are true, you’re our universe’s last hope. If such a thing even exists anymore”. The next shot is an older, determined Tony Stark walking through the new SHIELD HQ (Avengers Facility in upstate New York). He’s in full SHIELD attire and carrying an orange briefcase. Banner (wearing spandex) is seen running from something, looking terrified. The next shot is Ant-Man appearing out of a flash of light and landing in a desolate place. We see it from his point of view from inside his helmet. He looks left to right and to his left again and says: “What in the-“.

“We see Captain Marvel floating with her fists on fire and her eyes lit up. Thanos in the soul stone with young Gamora screaming at him, Loki and Thor fighting off Chitauri together and Tony handing Steve a brand new shield in the Wakandan throne room. (Cuts back to Tony and Scott) Tony opens the orange briefcase as Scott hands him an illuminated bracelet. Tony asks: “How?… Is this even possible?” Iron Man and Ant-Man are shown travelling through the Quantum Realm. Tony and Scott are back in the battle of New York from 2012. The final shot before the title reveal is an Infinity Stone disappearing from Thanos’ damaged gauntlet. He abruptly gets up and puts on his armor. His face goes from extremely infuriated to a menacing smile.

“Title reveal: Avengers: Annihilation

“Stinger: The Hulk is training at the new SHIELD facility with Black Widow and Steve. Steve notices that Hulk has been training non-stop as of late, so he asks why. Hulk responds in Banner’s normal voice with: “My rematch is coming real soon, I can feel it!”

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Star of the New 'Halloween' Says He Got Murder Tips from an Actual Hitman

Star of the New 'Halloween' Says He Got Murder Tips from an Actual Hitman:

James Jude Courtney told Vanity Fair in a new interview that he met a former contract killer through a mutual friend back in the early 2010s. The man was allegedly freshly out of prison and wanted Courtney to help him write his life story, so they wound up living together for a while. At one point, Courtney took the guy to see the Cuba Gooding, Jr. movie The Hit List, and he was less than impressed.“We walked out of the screening, and he said to me, ‘Jimmy, it’s a really nice movie, but that’s not how you kill people,’” Courtney explained to Vanity Fair.According to Courtney, the guy promised to “show” him how actual hitmen work—but since the guy was seemingly retired and had already done his time, this probably didn’t mean literally bringing him around on hits. It probably (hopefully) just involved some advice and conversation. But in any case, it sounds like it really helped Courtney get into the mind of a murderer

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Full listing of Sears and Kmart stores closing as a result of recent filing for bankruptcy of parent company



AlabamaSears:1001 Rainbow Dr., GadsdenArizonaSears:3177 Chandler Village Dr., Chandler7611 W Thomas Rd., Phoenix-Desert Sky6515 E Southern Ave., Mesa/East3150 S 4th Ave., Yuma2250 El Mercado Loop, Sierra VistaArkansasKmart:2821 East Main St., RussellvilleCaliforniaKmart:215 W Hanford/Armona Rd, Lemoore1351 E Hatch Rd., Modesto375 E Alessandro Blvd, Riverside3247 W Noble Ave., Visalia912 County Line Rd., Delano2530 S Euclid Ave., Ontario3968-A Missouri Flat Rd., PlacervilleSears:3001 Ming Ave, Bakersfield1401 N Montebello Blvd, Montebello100 Los Cerritos Mall, Cerritos100 Vintage Faire Mall, Modesto3751 S Dogwood Ave., El Centro1011 W Olive Ave., Merced5901 Florin Rd., Florin1700 Stoneridge Dr., Pleasanton100 Santa Rosa Plz, Santa Rosa3333 Bristol St., Costa MesaColoradoSears:7001 S University Blvd, Centennial10785 W Colfax Ave., LakewoodConnecticutSears:850 Hartford Tnpk, Waterford1201 Boston Post Rd Sp 2095, MilfordFloridaKmart:12350 SW 8th St., Miami900 NW 76 Boulevard, GainesvilleSears:733 N Highway 231, Panama City1050 S Babcock St., Melbourne3100 SW College Rd., Ste 300, Ocala3800 Us Highway 98 N Ste 500, Lakeland303 Us Hwy 301 Blvd W, Bradenton300 Mary Esther Blvd, Mary EstherGeorgiaKmart:400 Crosstown Road, Peachtree City6239 Turner Lake Road CovingtonSears:IllinoisKmart:3701 Broadway St., Quincy5000 23rd Ave., Moline4210 N Harlem Ave., NorridgeSears:3340 Mall Loop Dr., JolietIndianaKmart:430 W Ridge Rd, Griffith723 3rd Ave, Jasper2307 Superior, Webster City6780 W Washington St., IndianapolisSears:3401 S Us Highway 41, Terre Haute460 N Milwaukee St., Boise1251 Us Highway 31 N, GreenwoodIowaKmart:2803 E Kanesville Blvd, Council Bluffs1111 N 2Nd, CherokeeKansasKmart:400 South Broadway, Salina7836 State Ave., Kansas CityKentuckyKmart:600 C W Stevens Blvd, Grayson2625 Scottsville Rd., Bowling GreenNorthridge S/C Us Hwy 127, Russell SpringsSears:4807 Outer Loop, Louisville-OkolonaLouisianaKmart:7000 Veterans Memorial, MetairieMaineKmart:417 Main St., MadawaskaMarylandKmart:835 Solomons Island Rd N, Prince Frederick6163 Oxon Hill Rd., Oxon HillSears:400 N Center St., Westminster10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia15700 Emerald Way, BowieMassachusettsSears:1235 Worcester Rd., NatickMichiganKmart:06600 M-66 North, Charlevoix1025 M-24, Lake OrionSears:2100 Southfield Rd., Lincoln Park900 Briarwood Cir., Ann ArborMinnesotaSears:12431 Wayzata Blvd., Minnetonka425 Rice St., St PaulMissouriKmart:2901-5 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph7100 Nw Prairie View Rd., Kansas City1 Flower Valley Shp Ctr, FlorissantNevadaSears:1245 W Warm Springs Rd., HendersonNew HampshireSears:50 Fox Run Rd Ste 74 PortsmouthNew JerseyKmart:779 Delsea Dr N, GlassboroSears:1750 Deptford Center Rd., Deptford1500 Highway 35, MiddletownNew MexicoSears:6600 Menaul Blvd Ne Ste 700, CoronadoNew YorkKmart:987 Route 6, Mahopac2590 Military Rd., Niagara Falls93 West Campbell Rd., Schenectady349 Orchard Park Rd., West Seneca8363 Lewiston Rd., BataviaSears:Rt 394 & Hunt Blvd, Lakewood600 Lee Blvd, Yorktown Hts, NY75 W Route 59 Ste 100, Nanuet1111 Franklin Ave, Garden CityNorth CarolinaKmart:1530 East Broad St., Statesville1001 Patton Ave., Asheville4500 Western Blvd., RaleighSears:703 N Berkeley Blvd, Goldsboro11033 Carolina Place Pkwy, Pineville400 Cross Creek Mall, FayettevilleOhioKmart:15891 State Rt 170, East Liverpool17840 Bagley Rd, Middleburg HeightsSears:5320 Youngstown Rd., NilesOklahomaSears:3201 W Main St., Norman6929 S Memorial Dr., Tulsa Woodland HlsOregonKmart:3955 S W Murray Blvd, Beaverton827 Lancaster Dr., Ne Salem (Lancaster)Sears:9800 Sw Washington Square Rd., Washington SqPennsylvaniaKmart:720 Clairton Blvd/Rte 51, Pleasant Hills528 W Plank Rd., Altoona1502 South Fourth St., Allentown1000 Nutt Rd., Phoenixville1170 Mae St., Hummelstown100 Tarentum Rd, New Kensington1180 Walnut Bottom Rd., Carlisle880 Butler St., Pittsburgh3205 Lincoln Hwy, Thorndale111 Hulst Dr, Ste 722, MatamorasSears:5522 Shaffer Rd Ste 129, Dubois2300 E Lincoln Hwy, Langhrn/Oxford Vly100 Neshaminy Mall, Bensalem/Crnwls HtsSouth CarolinaKmart:129 West Butler Ave., Mauldin2302 Cherry Rd., Rock HillTennesseeKmart:6909 Maynardville Pike NE, KnoxvilleSears:2801 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville2100 Hamilton Place Blvd, Chattanooga2800 N Germantown Prkway, Cordova7600H Kingston Pike, West TownTexasSears:2605 Preston Rd., Frisco2002 S Expy 83, Harlingen6002 Slide Rd., Lubbock1000 E 41st, Austin6301 NW Loop 410, San Antonio3450 W Camp Wisdom Rd., Southwest Ctr2501 Irving Mall, Irving2901 S Capitol Of Texas Hwy, Austin/Barton Creek7508 N Navarro St., VictoriaVirginiaKmart:118 Waller Mill Rd., Williamsburg6364 Springfield Plaza, Springfield2712 W Main St., WaynesboroSears:100 Newmarket Fair Mall, HamptonWashingtonKmart:1001 E Sunset Dr., BellinghamSears:3500 S Meridian Ste 900, PuyallupWest VirginiaKmart:1701 4th Ave W, CharlestonWyomingKmart:4000 East 2nd St., CasperSears:

701 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper9520 Mall Rd., Westover/Morgantown

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Satanic serial killers arrested for performing human sacrifices

Satanic serial killers arrested for performing human sacrifices:

A horrifying scene was uncovered in Iguatu, Brazil, where authorities uncovered a site used for human sacrifices. A trio of Satanists allegedly lured several people to the property and then tortured and murdered them. Mutilated body parts were discovered, which apparently were used in rituals in order to gain power and influence over women.

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World’s oldest woman, 129, remembers Stalin’s WW2 deportationKoku Istambulova is 129...

Koku Istambulova is 129 according to her Russian passport and pension papers which show her date of birth as 1 June 1889.

Now in lucid and deeply shocking testimony, she has spoken emotionally of the appalling day her native Chechen people were deported en masse by Stalin to the steppes of Kazakhstan almost 75 years ago and says the only happy day in all her years was when she entered a home built from her own hands back in her native land.

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It’s back.

The Red Tide algae bloom that was floating offshore in recent weeks, giving Pinellas County’s beaches a bit of relief from the waves of dead fish and irritating odors in the air, has returned. Gusts of wind spun off from Hurricane Michael apparently pushed it back close to Florida’s Gulf coast shore.

John’s Pass, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, Redington Shores and Indian Rocks Beach all had high concentrations of the algae when tested Wednesday, said Kelli Hammer Levy, director of Pinellas’ environmental management division

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‘My whole being’s changed since my son got cancer’: Michael BublĂ© says he was embarrassed to realize just how egotistical he’d become as he nursed his boy Noah back to health - but now he’s got his mojo back

By Chrissy Iley for Weekend Magazine

Michael Bublé knows better than most that fate does not stand aside and wave the famous through.

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THE SNL SPOOF GONE WRONG..This is how SNL laughed at Trump and...


This is how SNL laughed at Trump and Kanye meeting.

And it shows how lackluster their comedy is.. how unfunny..

A few possible comedy routines would have been better.

Imagine a scene where Trump and Kanye opine but without the ridiculousness. Just real thoughtful conversation! The opposite of what occurred! Irony? Ironic comedy is dead, so I guess now.

But maybe here would have been the topper: The Kanye impersonator repeating the verbatim text. And instead of Trump being on the other side of the old Resolute, it would have been OBAMA. Now there is comedy. There is irony.

Comedy is dead.
SNL is dead..

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PEE BREAK! Putin 'ordered novichok assassin to murder British spy behind Trump sex dossier'

PEE BREAK! Putin 'ordered novichok assassin to murder British spy behind Trump sex dossier':


Vladimir Putin ­ordered ­novichok ­assassin Alexander Mishkin to murder the British spy who wrote the sensational Trump sex dossier, claims a former top Russian spy.

Mishkin, 39, used the alias Alexander Petrov for the failed hit on the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March.

Accomplice Ruslan Boshirov was unmasked as GRU colonel Anatolly Chepiga and Mishkin’s true identity as a doctor in Russia’s GRU military ­intelligence emerged last week.

He now faces allegations of plotting to use the same nerve agent on former MI6 officer Christopher Steele during a visit to Britain 12 months earlier.

KGB defector Boris Karphichkov, 59, claims Mishkin was part of a GRU special ops group that slipped into the country in late February 2017.

According to information a GRU source gave him on a recent trip to Europe, they were here to kill Steele, 54, on the direct orders of Putin.

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‘Killer clown’ tries to force way into carThe season for clown scares is here again.

The season for clown scares is here again..
“A guy got out and banged on my windows wearing a horror clown mask.

“Terrified is an understatement.

“We are okay and it’s been passed to the serious crime unit but please please be careful and lock yourselves in your cars.

“He tried my door but I always lock them. The man wasn’t bright though and left a fabulous set of finger prints on my window.

“Please take care.”

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Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, puts on his 'Halloween' mask once more

Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, puts on his 'Halloween' mask once more:

While actor/stuntman James Jude Courtney is the main man in the mask now, handling the role’s physical rigors, Castle cameos as “The Shape” (how Michael was billed in the 1978 film’s credits) in a crucial scene where Laurie finally sees him again in an upstairs window, on the prowl. She shoots the window out, but it turns out she just saw his reflection in a mirror, which shatters.

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In a joint statement released to the media on late Friday, Netflix and Marvel said, “Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew, and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership, we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the Immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

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Michael the hell storm hits at near a category 5 strength

A storm to remember..
Or forget.

Misery is just beginning in the south as hurricane Michael ransacks states on its collision course with North American land..

The latest AP news alert tells the awful tale:

“Supercharged by abnormally warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle with terrifying winds of 155 mph Wednesday, splintering homes and submerging neighborhoods. It was the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental U.S. in nearly 50 years.Its winds shrieking, Michael crashed ashore in the early afternoon near Mexico Beach, a tourist town about midway along the Panhandle, a lightly populated, 200-mile stretch of white-sand beach resorts, fishing towns and military bases.”

  • It the strongest storm to make landfall in the continental U.S. since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.


Hurricane Michael is a storm the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades

This is hurricane Michael. It’s about to reign destruction on the panhandle of Florida and points north. It’s a category 4 at this time and could become a Cat5..

May God have mercy on the souls of anyone within the path of this tremendous storm and deadly storm surge.. 

Jim Cantore is on the scene. So you know it’s bad. 


Nick Castle puts on his Halloween mask one more time.. While actor/stuntman James Jude Courtney is the main man in the mask now, handling the role's physical rigors, Castle cameos as “The Shape” (how Michael was billed in the 1978 film’s credits) in a crucial scene where Laurie finally sees him again in an upstairs window, on the prowl. She shoots the window out, but it turns out she just saw his reflection in a mirror, which shatters.

MAKING A MURDERER part 2: Could Steven Avery’s Conviction Be Overturned? The first season of Making a Murderer was filmed over the course of a decade. Part 2’s brand- new material, shot as recently as 2017, acts as a meta-commentary on how overwhelming viewer response in the digital streaming era can influence due process..

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