I read the news today oh boy

The headlines and links to things that you may want to see, may not want to see.. and may be disgusted by seeing. Indeed, the earth is a mess. Here are some examples.

The silver lining is that you’re alive. And you can change it. Or at least try. Even the highest mountains can move if the earth quakes enough…

Just the facts:



We have some very big questions to answer as we head down the path of surveillance. And love him or hate him, Matt Drudge had a Twitter ramble the other day that is worth quoting. He made some sense in the questions asked:

Question for The New Age: If one shoots down a fed/police drone while it’s invading one’s privacy, does that make one a terrorist?

Does ‘Homeland’ need warrant to fly drones over one’s backyard? Will new drones look into window? Follow one driving? Walking? NSA protected

Can media organization use drone for ‘news gathering’? Can citizen hire private ‘eye’ in personal dispute? Or only ‘Homeland’ can have fun?

Once had LAPD tell me ‘traffic’ cam could zoom up to zit on nose. Will new drones have same ability? Big Sis Reads Lips! Or will have mic?

Alas, no one would care on TWITTER, they’re all looking down. What drones?

How soon until Rahm unleashes armed drones in Chicagoland, like he did at White House in ‘terror’ war? And can one be put on ‘no spy’ list?

…I read the news today indeed.
Hope tomorrow will be better.
We know it won’t.

See you all on the other side of the sunrise.

The sunrise.. ready to be eclipsed and shine a ring of fire.

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