The sign of the TIME: Breast feeding mom proudly nurses toddler on cover of TIME magazine

The newest edition of PLAYBOY. Oh wait.. That’s TIME magazine. This month featuring a Vladimir Putin centerfold spread.
Trying desperately to keep print alive, TIME? …
Perhaps the goal is to get teenage boys to read about the news.
I actually subscribed happily to TIME magazine in the 1990s when I was a teenage boy. To be honest, I loved the news then as much as I do now. But TIME has changed. The times have changed, too.
Time Magazine is much less a news magazine of record. It’s more a record of pop culture and tech gadgets. 
The issue of breast feeding, in itself, is interesting. Don’t get me wrong. And I surely don’t subscribe to the idea that it’s perverted in any shape.. But it seems that TIME has subscribed to that. Too bad few subscribe to TIME anymore. But in all seriousness, it would appear that the magazine’s attempt to sexualize breast feeding (And make it creepy with an older kid receiving mom’s milk from the teet) is a gross display of how truly desperate to sell issues it is. 
Print is desperate to stop the internet from killing it. But few told print that it is already dead. This week’s TIME shows it is just having one last out of body experience before entering the light..