Former host of Coast to Coast Art Bell drifted into the night on October 31, 2010. It was his final broadcast as occasional host.. Since then, rumors abounded as to the direction he’d go.. this website, along with many others, have watched closely hoping for his return in some form to radio..

Days ago, Art Bell announced on his Facebook page that he was a free agent and that his non-compete clause with Premiere radio had ended..  But what did that mean?

Just last night, Art Bell posted a message on the popular Coast to Coast AM forum COASTGAB.COM. (I am a member, too)..

Here is Art Bell’s full message:

 Hi All,  I do not wish to string anybody along, stay tuned means just that. Until I was free in terms of non compete there was noreal way I could be on the air anywhere. Premiere has offered me a slot anytime I wish…..I do not wish.  Now that I can indeed return if I wish there is the matter of a venue, I have some offers I am thinking about but have notdecided on anything as of yet. There was a time that I did not want to compete with Coast because I had no wish to destroywhat I built, Premiere has almost managed to change my mind about that.   Doing a show means devoting your life to it, not just “phoning it in”, examples of that can be heard nightly. So a decision toproceed will have to be done right or not at all. This means the creative freedom is first along with the venue.  While doing Coast at one point, instead of taking more money I opted for a restriction on the number of commercial minutes,a dumb move because as soon as I was gone they came back PLUS. I do what I do because I love it, not for the money.  So, I just now have come to the point that I CAN do something, if I will or not depends on the above. I hope this helps someof you understand the process. I would rather do nothing than something half-assed.

We are staying tuned.. hoping.. and waiting..


5 thoughts on “ART BELL SPEAKS!

  1. The show is better WITHOUT ART BELL. he was great for the 1990s but he;s too old to come back. Now John Wells is the best on radio, and he turned the show into the conspiracy show it should be, not fake paranormal crap. Art Bell was a huckster and he made a lot of money off of schmucks to like him.

  2. George Snorry is far from Art bell.Art was the best and will always be!!!!!!Not blasting George, but George would dump the show to do politics in a NY minute if he could even get 70% of the pay he gets now.Arts style and humor was awsome and his background music some call lame or out of date was BEYOND AWSOME.There was a tad more humor and BS but thats what made it great!!!Yet it was real in many aspects!As for george making it better?No,,it has not.Many affilates kapoot the show after Art left.Sure they added some bogus numbers but a far cry,,,Art made the show like you were there with him and a friend.I remember Norry saying he'd run for president if his following called on him which was enuff for me…

  3. Art was and is the best. George is a nice guy but doesn't even really listen to his guests. His stock answer when he's not listening is “well you know, that's true.” Ian Punnett is the best host they have, seconded by the guy who does Sunday nights from Vegas. John B. Wells just uses the show to spread his own propaganda and is an extreme right-wing, gun-loving nut. We need moderation, not soap-boxers.Art started the whole thing and made it what it was in it's glorious prime. I'd dump C2C for a new Art Bell show like a hot potato.

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