This is the mid-winter slump, if you did not know that already. Today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year (bills are due, and somehow we get treated to AP and Reuters dispatches each January 20ish to stories about how we should all be sad right now, one month or so after the upbeat time of Christmas).. I am not sad, so I guess as usual I am not marching to the beat of the drum. If there is a drum I’d love to know the drummer..

Nonetheless, I just wanted to put out that every now and then on the top part of HORROR REPORT, you may see something that says “lines are open” or “call me now.”  I am being literal.  When that appears, it means I am available for phone calls if you are using Skype. You can simply click on the link and you can call me through Skype.. I will try to answer all calls I get, and it could be a great way for me to interact with readers..

Even when the lines are closed, I am always available at [email protected]. Every now and then, once in a blue moon, you can find me on AOL using the name Loomicide. But I’m told AOL instant messenger is too 20th century to keep using..

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day.
And happy Inauguration day, America. Let’s hope the next four years are a little better than the past four..

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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