Monday Night’s Main Event: Alex Jones on Piers Morgan

Forget Notre Dame (they’d sure like to after last night) taking on Alabama, forget WWE wrestling.. The Monday night main event took place on CNN. And how bizarre it was..

For weeks since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, scores of people including CNN’s Piers Morgan have called for increased gun control measures to be enacted. Others, such as radio show host Alex Jones, have calle for Morgan to be deported from the United States. Last night, both men faced each other in a strange half hour session on live TV..

The chairs were placed quite close together. Morgan remained calm for the most part, while Alex Jones did not. Instead, Jones’ seemed enraged, even stated “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.” He invited Morgan to go shooting with him and become ‘an American.’ Jones made very poignant references to the phone hacking case in the UK and accused Morgan of being fearful of going back to Britain due to his fear of being caught up in the scandal..

The tone was angry…the scene was high energy.

It may also be the first time Alex Jones has been introduced to the general masses, including those who watch CNN. Morgan questioned Jones on his belief that shadowy elements of the US government were behind 9/11..

There are three sides to this fight.. Those who think Piers Morgan mopped the floor with Jones, those who think Jones mopped the floor with Morgan, and the third group who may have been shocked by the volatile interview..

Full video below


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