An opinion from a reader on George Noory

George Snorry is far from Art bell.
Art was the best and will always be!!!!!!
Not blasting George, but George would dump the show to do politics in a NY minute if he could even get 70% of the pay he gets now.
Arts style and humor was awsome and his background music some call lame or out of date was BEYOND AWSOME.
There was a tad more humor and BS but thats what made it great!!!
Yet it was real in many aspects!
As for george making it better?
No,,it has not.
Many affilates kapoot the show after Art left.
Sure they added some bogus numbers but a far cry,,,Art made the show like you were there with him and a friend.
I remember Norry saying he’d run for president if his following called on him which was enuff for me…

Exactly the reason so many people listen to The FINE ART STREAM..

People may not have to anymore if he really returns to radio..

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