Dark hallways and the Vatican are filled with the whispers of names who may be the next pope

But do the Cardinals in Rome understand the gravity of the situation given the prophecy of the Popes and what it may foretell for either the church, the world, or both?

There is intrigue in Rome tonight, as the Vatican prepares to say goodbye to a pope who is leaving on his own volition for the first time in hundreds of years–And in the Holy Roman Empire behind closed doors chatter and whispers gather… Who will be that succeeds Pope Benedict?

There is also chatter online tonight, as Horror Report showcased earlier, There is a strange prophecy of the Popes has been around for hundreds of years as well.. I received a number of email questions today regarding this, and tried to explain it in an earlier post today.

Someone pointed out that there is controversy with as to whether or not St. Malachy even wrote the prophecy. Albeit there is controversy about the source of the document, what is amazing is how accurate the prophecy has been when compared to actual events and men who became pontiff.

We will continue to monitor the story, the conclave, the rumors, and the eventual choice. When the black smoke turns white at St. Peter’s Square in Rome, there’ll be a pope and quite possibly the final one if this prophecy holds true.

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