Just when you were able to score one for real food, GMO wheat shows up to pollute the rest..

We all know that genetically modified wheat has been found in an Oregon field.. But now we are told that Monsanto is ‘baffled’ .. 
The almost two-feet plant created by genetic researchers features a new protein called Gliadin in the wheat plant–what will happen to the human body? 
It may mean we will consume more food because that protein will equal more hunger.. 
We are not eating food anymore. We are eating genetically changed frankenfood. And that is why it should not be legally in that Oregon field.. 
Monsanto released a press release stating that they were willing and ready to work with the government on the wheat investigation. Although it may be too late, don’t you think? .. at least Monsanto is ‘baffled.’ With the Monsanto protection act, it does not matter if they are baffled or not..
And here is why it matters: Japan and Korea have suspended imports of United States soft wheat until they determine that none of the Monsanto garbage has entered their chain.. 
This is important for two reasons: 
1) This now has a big economic factor (and Oregon is a huge wheat producer for the world) .. and 2) No one WANTS THIS CRAP. What sells in grocery stores now? Non-GMO, organic, and real healthy food.. Real food. 
What a premise! 
Things that were eaten for generations… we want that again. Enough of the toxic weapons.. enough of the sess pool of unhealthy processed goo that line aisles of the story. 
No, no no.. we want food again. 
Let’s hope this continues.. 
Let’s hope that real food wins.
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