Simon Atkins talks to the Horror Report

The Horror Report has been in communication with Dr. Simon Atkins..

Dr. Atkins confirmed that he will be on FOXNews at some point later today to give information, however he did tell Horror Report what his forecast for the East Coast of United States is, in this information could be at this point treated as exclusive..

Atkins told us, and will tell Fox news when he appears:

Due to the INCREASING INSTABILITY of the Atlantic, it is important now for people near the coast to be more prepared. This includes having supplies (water and food) in case of an emergency, and having a ‘bug-out’ backpack already packed in the event you have to leave quickly. IF we get a 6.8 or higher in the Atlantic, it means pressure is BUILDING and that is not a good sign.
Also, if there are any “weird” power outages without dramatic weather in the East Coast, that means strong magnetics and could be related to an upcoming tsunami. Everything is connected electromagnetically.
We also of course must keep an eye on the sun (solar wind, flares, etc.).

This could be tremendously important information, and we believe that our readers along with others across the Internet should adhere to Dr. Atkins’ warning: Get prepared, be prepared, and know your surroundings and don’t let your guard down..

We intend on speaking more to the doctor concerning this and other climactic activity.. Stay tuned for more, this is a developing story..


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