Mila the witch, Carrey the non-violent, and a statute that spins: The Tuesday update

Snowden and NSA update:

This is a must must must must read for anyone in Pennsylvania, or anyone who thinks drilling in the Marcellus Shale is without its share of dangers..Natural gas being found in water near fracked wells..
This is either creepy beyond explanation or a natural scientific conclusion will determine what it occurring .. in the meantime, it’s CREEPY: A 4,000 year old Egyptian statue has puzzled curators at the Manchester Museum in England .. why? The relic began to mysteriously spin 180 degrees all by itself.. It dates back to 1800 BC and was found in a mummy’s tomb. For the past 80 years it has been at this museum.. According to the TIMES OF INDIA report, the statute named Neb-Senu is still at night, but spins slowly during the day.. Two comments on the story present two alternative points of view on why: One is the building shaking and feet vibrating is making it move (why not in the last 80 years though?) and the other: “Looks like museum is running out of funding.”
Vegetarians may have to come to grips with this: Plants do math to control overnight food supplies! That us right.. they may actually be smarter than us ..
Do you have desk envy? Well don’t. People with big desks actually are more dishonest, or so a study finds. (My personal observation is when someone has more than one desk they are more dishonest than all..

Mila Kunis never looked better! Watch her transformation here..

Jim Carrey is a star of KICK ASS 2. It was filmed before the Sandy Hook child massacre in December.. and now, according to Carrey’s own words, he has condemned the violence in KICK ASS 2 and does not appear to be interested in working with elites on promoting the movie.. 


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