Earthquakes, tsunamis, and Doctor Simon Atkins

A relatively large earthquake took place along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge yesterday.. a 6.6 magnitude quake produced obviously no damage or tsunami.. but the location surely raised eyebrows when you consider that, earlier this month, a tsunami struck New Jersey! It’s true.. it happened earlier this month and the NOAA confirmed it Monday..
I posted a graphic of the earthquake along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge yesterday on my personal website,, and I got a response from a one Doctor Simon Atkins .. remember him? 
He was the voice who said a tsunami would occur along the East Coast in early June. Did the small Jersey tsunami vindicate him? It certainly seems interesting to say the least.. on, 

Atkins wrote, “I am concerned at the “quickening” pace of events in the North Atlantic. All information posted is at GodLikeProductions”

Atkins also commnented on another post on CoalSpeaker.Com On that post, Atkins wrote, 

“It is normal these days to be attacked for being or doing something different. The fact is a gave a Tsunami Watch on FOX News and it came true. NOAA, USGS and other official oceanic agencies have verified the tsunami at multiple points along the US East Coast. What I am concerned about is that no officials are making the People aware of potential escalating danger at the coastline.”


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