Under the light of the global supermoon, Edward Snowden has United States officials on the chase.. the hunt.. for the leaker. Or as they term, ‘criminal.’ Diane Feinstein said the chase is on.. she spoke for the Administration who is angry at Russia for not turning Snowden over to the US, since the US gave Vlad the Impaler the ‘criminals’ he wanted. But that old Cold War is back, just colder and more lonely..
This chase seems to be quite dire for the United States, which wants to ensure that those four laptops of information don’t leak to the public.. Four laptops? Could the damages be any worse than the entire world knowing that the global technological infrastructure has turned on the citizenry in some creepy 1984 styled-surveillance planet? I suppose it could be worse..
While the United States is busy warning other countries not to let Snowden just travel in peace, he has virtually gone missing from world media after departing Hong Kong..
On Sunday, most reporters were following a plane from Moscow to Cuba. Turns out the former contract employee who knew too much was not on that plane..
Where is he?
Diane Feinstein sure wants to know..
Until then, we are only left with drama and intrigue .. rumors and airlines..
Some may equate this to a James Bond movie.. debate, however, ensures we don’t know who the villian is quite yet…..
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