Fifty shades of not so great

I am going to be clear. I am not a 50 SHADES OF GRAY fan, I have never read the book, and I have no plans, ever, to see the movie.
But I have been notified by my wife and another reader of THE HORROR REPORT that Charlie Hunnan has dropped out of the lead role of the film–and that is a pretty big deal. They say.

You can read the full story here if you so choose..

The only thing I can relate to in this matter is how much of a fan backlash occurred after Hunnan was chosen for the film–that I remember. It reminded me a little of the Ben Affleck anger when he was named BATMAN recently..

But Affleck has one up on Hunnan .. he didn’t drop out of the lead role. At this point.

Concerning Hunnan: We have been told, PR wise, that the drop out happened because of a busy TV schedule.

Now perhaps, those Affleck haters will have a rejuvenated sense of hope..
Hunnan today? Batman tomorrow..?

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