On a bright October 20th .. somewhere in time.

Six year ago today (on a day virtually the same as today weatherwise) my wife Tara and I took our first walk as a married couple. 
This image perfectly symbolized how I felt that day—walking into the future, backs to the past.. but the same bridge of life. 
Since then we had a child, headaches and heartaches, deaths and tribulations. 
Along with it, laughs, endless smiles, and sure, a few necessary frowns.
The journey of life.. accompanying each other..
After six years, we now have a legacy. 
A child .. 
In six years, he’ll be going on 9.. and we’ll be combing out gray hairs—with me maybe shining a bald head.
While we know things can mightily change in the span of only a few years, a few constants will remain. 
Happy 6th Tara Lynn. And many, many more.
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