A sinkhole to hell: Did the owner take his pond with him?

A massive sinkhole has developed in Bosnia, shocking those who see it, and pervading a seemingly peaceful countryside with a shocking image of how cruel the planet earth can be.

SANICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Just outside the rustic village, children fished in a tranquil pond bobbing with green algae and lined with willow trees, as cattle grazed nearby.
Now, Rezak Motanic gazes in disbelief down a gigantic moonlike crater where the pond used to be. It’s like something from a science fiction movie: a sinkhole swallowed the water, the fish and even nearby trees. 
To the weary eyes strained on daily news, this should come as no shock. There seems to be an increased amount of sinkholes across the crust lately. Maybe we can chalk it up to increased attention, or …just maybe there are more of them.
The prospects of having a pond filled with fish and life simply vanish before you eyes is unbelievable. 
And as these things go, the AP reports, townsfolk are coming up with paranormal ideas and dismissing scientific ones. The most interesting of thoughts: The owner of the pond just died–and took the pond with him.
While some may scoff at those with superstitious theories, think of this: The amount of hell on earth that Bosnia went through is inescapable. It’s no shock that they believe that evil can be alive and well under their feet–paranormal is what they lived with for thirty years.
The AP story ended like this:
“Only days before Hasan passed away he said: ‘I’ll take everything with me when I die.’ And that’s what he did,” Motanic said. “His daughter saw him walk on the lake the night he died.” 
Husein Nanic said it could be a sign that the end is nigh: “All sort of miracles happen before the doomsday,” he said. 
A little stroll through daily headlines may leave us all with the impression that the Mayan calender may have been off about twelve months.
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