Tuesday terrors


There are tons of John F. Kennedy books, movies, videos, YouTube channels, websites, and documentaries.. All of them claim something different, all of them shed a little more light–sometimes a little less–on the events that took place 50 years ago this Friday in Dallas. Everything is murky when it comes to this story.. Three shots, with multiple entry wounds and exit wounds–and three people being shot? Possible. Probable? Magic Bullet Arlen is gone to his grave, but he said it was a lone assassin with a lone miracle bullet, twisting and turning in the wind and the bones of a deceased President..
There are times during these anniversaries that we glorify an exhausted leader. But Kennedy was flawed, may have at least attempted to steal an election in 1960–then again, Nixon did, too. His now praised actions in the Bay of Pigs affair really didn’t go the way history tells it exactly did....
There is so much allure of Kennedy–so much grandiose praise.. so many conspiracy theories.
But Stephen King perhaps summed up best, perhaps, in his book 11/22/63. A section went: “For a moment everything was clear,and when that happens you see that the world is barely there at all. Don’t we all secretly know this? It’s a perfectly balanced mechanism of shouts and echoes pretending to be wheels and cogs, a dream clock chiming beneath a mystery glass we call life. Behind it? Below it and around it? Chaos, storms. . A universe of horror and loss surrounding a single lighted stage where mortals dance in defiance of the dark.” How true..
How very true.

On to the news of the day–normally worse no matter how much better we want it to be.

Kennedy’s niece doubts that Oswald was the lone assassin..

The Louisiana sinkhole is continuing to grow–and continues to cause mini earthquakes.. There are still fears of an explosion.. Please contact us at [email protected] with any further information on the Louisiana sinkhole–especially if you have been directly affected by the ongoing disaster..

More: The sinkhole at Assumption Parish will be monitored for decades..

Watching this one: The sun is about to flip upside down within weeks..

More insanity in Canada as the Toronto mayor could lose more council votes..
Ford says he is quitting drinking and turning to Jesus. But before he did that, he also pushed over an elderly council member.. This guy is worse than the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE impersonation of him..

Obamacare consultants warned that the website would not work–IN MARCH!

“Epic waste” revealed in Pentagon documents..

Midwest communities weigh the costs of deadly tornadoes..

The death toll in the Philippines is high–but we may never knew how many people died..

Yet ANOTHER radioactive leak at Fukushima..

Doctors warn that children under two should avoid tablet screens..

Google to tackle images of child sexual abuse with search and YouTube changes..

An amazing comet of Ison photographed by amateur astronomer..

Pop goes the culture: The word “selfie” outdoes “twerk” as new word of the year..

Facebook tells a lot about your mental health.. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, 75,000 people were studied and Facebook reflects who you are..

Monty Python is going to reunite for a stage show..

The amazing failure: SPIDERMAN the Broadway musical to conclude this year. It never could have worked, in my opinion.. Fan boys aren’t going to go to a Broadway musical–and not everything should be a musical. Of course BUFFY fans may still say the musical episode was the best of the show, but I will say that the same fans who liked BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER are not the fans who like Spiderman.. This musical was simply doomed by the onset.
And what made the likelihood of it failing even more clear: Regardless of the risky gamble that that Jeremiah Harris took, it still ended up being the most expensive musical to produce. People go to Broadway for RENT, and CATS. Not spiders.

Rumors continue to persist that Brittany Murphy was poisoned..
Father of Murphy claims that spies took revenge..
I don’t know why she died, or how she died, but every time I see a movie from the past in which she appeared or starred, I am reminded of how much the acting world lost with her untimely passing.. Her talent was always present..

David O. Russell Wrote a Horror Movie and Eli Roth Wants to Make It
Roth may direct..

Artists restore original horror movie props..

Reviews are starting to come out for the HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE. Already some are calling the movie epic.. GRAVITY may be hard to beat for movie of the year, but it’s possible HUNGER GAMES would do it..

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