A developing story on ArtBell.com

As if the mystery surrounding Art Bell’s departure from Sirius wasn’t strange enough, here’s something to feast your eyes and ears onto..

Apparently tonight, Artbell.com is running a ‘test’ of streaming from its website..
The website has “The Spec Sheet” as the stream test title.

Some may find some audio very familiar. Michael Vandeven at BELLGAB.COM should be very happy with some increased and well-deserved exposure.

This could mean there have been worthwhile developments in the quest to get Art Bell released from his non complete clause with Sirius XM.

Last week, Bell himself stepped in to ask fans to clamp down somewhat on the #FreeArtBell campaign. Some at the time immediately thought it meant that he wanted private legal matters to continue with wheels in motion as opposed to having a big public spectacle.

This is a developing story.. And perhaps one with very positive ramifications for anyone hoping for Art Bell to return–full time– to radio and online streaming..


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