Art Bell, who after just six weeks of DARK MATTER, abruptly quit, announced late night that he is in talks with Sirius XM to once again return to the airwaves..

According to Bell’s post on the (WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY) famed BELLGAB.COM, the talk show host desires to become an ‘independent broadcaster’ with Sirius as the vehicle.

This is Bell’s statement in full regarding the latest developments:

 I almost hate to see this thread wind down, in life you almost never get to see such unmitigated hateaccross your screen. Long ago because of fast blast I learned to ignore it. When you do a show and have aguest people think they hate you will see “dump this ass hole and go to open lines” and a lot more just like it and much worse, in the end you have to do what you think is right and act on it. For the most partby the end of the show you are getting messages like”best show I’ve ever heard”. Once in a while youdo have to “dump the asshole” but if you follow the advice of a mob it almost always goes wrong.
 This board is a lot like that. decisions that we are forced to make or make because we think they are the right thing to do are just that, and if they turn out well your a genius, if not your dead to the World or at leastsome posters on this board, but it is always fun to watch.
 We are currently in talks with Sirius/XM which really knows how to deliver to vehicals very well. The idea is tobecome Independent Broadcasters which means no pay from Sirius while still keeping it exclusivly Sirius/XM inthe Broadcast World, however we would then be free to stream free at Another words the best ofboth Worlds. In the long run I think it would benefit all including Sirius/XM. I think this will work but if not we willstream the show at the first opportunity, either way it will happen if I have to finance it myself, I will.
 I know all this seemed very sudden to most of you but there was much going on behind the scenes you do notknow about and because it was said to me in confidence I am not free to discuss publicly, however I feel this isthe right decision. If I am wrong I am sure I will be dead to the World and some who post here.
 I want the show to work at least as much as all of you but I have been at this for a while and I know what it takes to be viable and when I say that I mean not just as a niche type show, viable Worldwide. I understand that some of you are sooooo angry that you will not listen to the free steam and I will just have to find a way to live with that.
                                                                                                                             Rage on,

So the development twist and turn of Art Bell and his DARK MATTER seems to be taking yet another unexpected turn..

This story has changed several times over the past 72 hours, as noted on the HORROR REPORT and other websites that are covering the matter.

The amazing part of Art Bell’s venture is that it would be a complete overhaul to Sirius XM’s current business model. A free stream, and a host not being paid, but yet something with Sirius technology backing up the entire affair, is a cutting edge take on satellite radio.

Bell promises nothing, but simply says negotiations are happening.

Throughout the night tonight, ARTBELL.COM webmaster Keith Rowland has been testing a stream to see if users were able to get the audio to work–it seems to have been favorable during the test period.. Rowland appears to be using an ICECAST server, and the stats are available here on peak listening. 

It’s worth noting that several people who tried quitting Sirius were given a free extra month, ‘just in case’ there were changes with DARK MATTER–and maybe those changes are now becoming known.

The HORROR REPORT will attempt to cover all the information concerning this story..

Stay tuned.


  1. Who the hell is Art Bell's manager? His daughter Asia? His temper tantrum now means he won't even get a pay check if he returns? Seriously? Or should I say Siriusly?

  2. Sounds like Art realized what a dumb move it was to quit and is now asking Sirius to let him back on for free. Wouldn't be surprised if they make him pay for time much like an infomercial (as well they should – if I was an owner of a business I would want nothing to do w/ someone so unprofessional). You'd think for someone who has been in the biz for most of his life, his negotiation skills and his ability to understand what's going on wouldn't be just a tad better.

  3. What interests me is if Sirius says yes, you can somewhat throw their business model out the window.But.. They need to also take a hard look in the mirror and ask if their business model is even working

  4. I love ART BELL. (and have for years – like all of us). I HATE XM RADIO (and have for years) – They don't know their A** from a H*** in the ground. After signing me up for $14+ to hear ART – a few weeks in – I no longer had access to the channel. I called them. They said Dark Matter had been taken out of the package I had, and now I had to pay $18+per month to hear it in the “Select Package”. I was so pissed off, they gave me 2 months for free. It helps little to nothing. If Art leaves, I will Drop it like a hot potato in a nano second. My vote would be for Art to go back to Premiere, let them pay him a FORTUNE to be on with them, as well as no Censoring of guests (Like Nancy Leider and the Zetas) -let us listen for free. And let George keep his time slot as well for anyone who wants to listen to him. After all, there are all kinds of people in the world. We want to hear you! If others want to listen to George, let 'em. I Don't trust XM. Don't do business with them. Their staff is untrained and a JOKE.They have no integrity as a business as far as I am concerned. Same as they were in 2004, when I first tried them out on the XM that came with my car.I know I don't /really/ have a vote in any of this….I'm just saying… D.Carson

  5. Oh, I forgot one thing above – as case in point. When I called XM tonight to see if in fact Art was still on or not, the rep took a minute or 2 to look it up, and then said, “Yes, he's still on – Dark matter is still on the schedule on the Indie Channel 104.”

  6. I can remember listing to Art Bell on many a,m. late night all night radio stations he made the night a lot nicer for this long haul truck driver, and after he quit it was not same and it was not the same on x,m . Premiere go talk to mr,Bell. Mr Bell go talk to Premiere and for God sake take night back and do what you do best talk,talk the night away.C,W

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