News thirsty Thursday

All the news unfit to print for Thursday, November 7, 2013..


Meet Nick Pugh.. and you may already know him.. he was the LAX eyewitness.. And lots of people are saying he is the same man who was an immediate expert witness after 9/11 on FOX NEWS..

Now Justin Bieber reportedly caught spaying graffiti in Brazil!

TWITTER IPO day one..

Google says mystery barges on both American coastlines are learning spaces..

2020’s Elizabeth Vargas checks into rehab..

Researchers find that autism signs are present in the first months of a newborn’s life..

Fees are waived. Don’t even rewind. Blockbuster shudders..

Scientists say new dinosaur found in Utah..

The next Chelyabinsk sized meteor is seven times “more likely” than feared..
Scientists worry that meteor risk is greater than thought..

NEWSDAY: How the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD gave life to horror movies..

The ROCK to tar in military horror movie SEAL TEAM 666.. ..Oh boy, this one sounds promising..

Katy Perry dethroned by ARCADE FIRE..

Marvel introduces Muslim female superheroine..

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