ART BELL: “As of yet no word”

The talk show host, who has left his program DARK MATTER only to request Sirius allow him to offer a free stream from ARTBELL.COM, says he did not yet hear back from the satellite company with an answer..

His comments were on BELLGAB.COM tonight..
Bell’s statement in full is as follows:

Good evening everybody,
 I wish I had some news but I have nothing to report. We have had no communication at all fromanybody at Sirius/XM. It was Monday I went off and on Wed we proposed that we act as a Independent Broadcaster as many other Host’s do on Sirius/XM which simply means we get nopay and are then able to stream or even be on Broadcast stations at the same time. However wesaid we would be exclusivly on Sirius/XM and only stream. They said they would activly consider theproposal and they may well, be but as of yet no word. It is a shame because it woulkd have been abig hit in my opinion. I will keep you informed of any change.

Fans have been patiently–and impatiently–waiting throughout the evening to see what would occur by the time DARK MATTER would typically be in..
Unless executives are burning the midnight oil, somewhere in an office suite in a well-lit city, MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT will not be heard live this evening..

Still a developing story..
Still a mystery as to how it will end.


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