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The anticipation continues to build for the return of Art Bell to the world of radio–podcasting seems to be the clear intention, along with a ‘big player’ yet to be named making a deal with the talk show legend..

Bell, who left Sirius Radio in 2013, is announcing that ‘MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT’ is going to be the name of his new radio show. Even more interesting is how Bell picked it: For days he has been in constant communications with the users of BELLGAB.COM asking them what they think a good name should be.. the common consensus–and poll result–was the name Bell announced today would be the new title of the program.

Bell wrote on Facebook:

Midnight in the Desert

That will be the name of my new show! Hi everybody here is a update for you. It is looking like the deal will close and the show will start to air in late July but we still have not signed on the dotted line.

The show will be truly International. I will not be using regular media to promo it, instead I will be asking all of you to plaster info about it everywhere, we will demonstrate the power of Social Media, but not yet, it is still to early. I truly will be depending on my Friends. This is truly going to be fun.


The social media world is ready.

During Bell’s post-Sirius days, the #FreeArtBell campaign raged across the Sirius XM Facebook page with enraged users demanding the satellite radio company end their non compete with Art Bell. They did not, but now two years later the Bell tolls again in a new form.

It seems more likely that Bell is going to be a show of and for the people–he is upgrading his typical ‘mysterious and reassuring’ stance online to become fully engaged with the fans that follow him.

Bell has also said that the Crystal Gayle song written for him, also titled Midnight in the Desert, will close the nightly show..

The newest name will be a delight, especially to the users of BELLGAB who picked it..