The numberless numbers station?

I received reports earlier Sunday that the famed UVB-76 numbers station was down. Various people were also reporting they were not able to hear the live feed.. ..then.. Broadcasting again: The UVB-76 Live Stream Blog » UVB-76 Station Live Internet Stream and Blog about The Buzzer, Number Stations, Shortwave Listening and Software Radio. I think … Read moreThe numberless numbers station?


HBO dropped a bombshell on viewers–and Robert Durst was arrested because of it.. Durst is a millionaire eccentric, and has been linked to two murders fifteen years ago. On Sunday, just before an HBO finale about his life, he was arrested.. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports in dispatches tonight: Durst was arrested on a murder warrant … Read moreTHE JINX

Weekend Report: ‘Cinderella’ Shines, ‘IT Follows’ the little horror that could

.. The family film secured $70 mil this weekend.. the audiences were primary women and primary families–66% for each category, respectively.. The horror film IT FOLLOWS got $40,000 or so per theater.. the tiny release will expand experts don’t see it expanding past 200 theaters but with this little film that could, who knows Families … Read moreWeekend Report: ‘Cinderella’ Shines, ‘IT Follows’ the little horror that could