The Lily Groesbeck miracle: Who cried out for help?

There is a story making the rounds online tonight about baby Lily Groesbeck. It’s tragic but yet hopeful.. It’s a merging of the yin and yang in life, a showcase of how cruel life can be but yet, at the same time, how seemingly strange occurrences can take place that confound the logical mind.. 25 … Read moreThe Lily Groesbeck miracle: Who cried out for help?


RIP Sam Simon, the co-creator of the Simpsons.. He was only 59 years young.. his agent said he was battling colon cancer and today lost that battle.. He also worked on TAXI and CHEERS.. Published reports tonight say that Simon had previously decided to give his entire fortune to charity..

The return of U7Radio

After a controversy, a legal request from iHearteadio, and then a cease and desist, U7 has returned tonight and this message plasters by the owner: The interesting question may very well be: Who is the mysterious ‘new owner’ helping thumb the eyes of The Empire? Lots of interesting speculation on that tonight..