The ABCS of insanity

ADAM ROCKOFF in the DAILY BEAST wrote about the ABCS OF DEATH case, and the jail time for Sheila Kearns for showing the movie to a class..

He wrote, in part:

Substitute teacher Sheila Kearns did a very stupid thing when she showed a horror movie to a Columbus, Ohio high school class. But she doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

And this:

Kearns showed abysmal judgment—although she maintained throughout her trial she was unaware of the film’s content. She should never be allowed near a classroom again. But jail? These were high schoolers. Not kindergarteners.

I am in full agreement and have written countless stories on my website concerning this case, and the bizarre chastisement of this woman as some sort of modern day witch. I wonder if her race had something to do with it..

There is a point of ridiculousness too. Chances are most of the students in the class already saw the ABCS OF DEATH–and if they did they would realize it wasn’t even that great of a movie, even the lower forms of people who live and breathe snuff films were not overly excited about this or even the sequel..

Rockoff writes more,

More disturbing than the draconian sentence is the law under which Kearns was prosecuted. Her crime falls under an umbrella of moral codes known colloquially as “obscenity laws.” And while they might seem like a relic from a time when rock and roll was the devil’s music, they’re still on the books in almost every state in the Union.

I am glad, truly glad, that someone besides me is 1) paying attention to this story and 2) upset by the insanity of putting a woman in prison for something that, under all scenarios, isn’t a crime..