I love quiet walks after sunset–cold kills but sometimes it’s worth it just to breathe in some fresh and clean air..Tonight, while undertaking one of these daily mind clearing excursions, my eyes were focused in on a distant shadow that seemed to be walking towards me.. My dog didn’t notice, he was busy locating the spots every other neighborhood dog found before him..

The silhouette was large, looked tall.. I squinted my eyes extra-hard to see if I could see a dog with him or her. If that was case, I’d have to quickly think up a new route because, for some reason, my dog Mutley doesn’t do very well during encounters with his fellow canines..

It did not look like my fellow night walker was alone, no evidence of a dog with him in his travails.. nothing which indicated that Mutley would face competition..

This true story–I swear to you–got weirder as the time went on.. I stopped briefly and allowed Mutley to take care of his business, and my eyes were closely fixated on this large hulking character.. I looked away for a moment and when my eyes went back to the road, the shadowy man was gone. Without a trace..

I picked up in speed because I wanted to get as close as I could to the scene of his existence before he would be gone, running perhaps behind someone’s house or lurking around shrubbery..

I found no evidence.. Heard no sound.. And even after using the flashlight on my phone, didn’t see even one footstep in the snow–new fallen snow today as a shower covered up some of the melting that had occurred previously today.

I was left wondering if what I had just seen was a figment of imagination, a shadow person in real life, or just some quick kid wearing a large overcoat, darting as fast as I he could away once he saw me look at him.

If you go down a paranormal road, it is a little freaky.. If you keep it logical, it’s alarming. Why would someone want to hide from another approaching human..?