Strange oddities on the Sunday morning Sidewalk

Something very ‘out there’ happened last night—I cannot explain it nor will I subject any readers to the stupidity of assuming what it was..

I simply can convey what occurred. . I took Mutley the dog out for a midnight bathroom session.. It was profoundly quiet, with the exception of one bird in the woods singing, something I didn’t expect since you really don’t hear the sounds of birds at night. There was a very deep chill in the air, the temperature was already below 50, cold for this time in May.

Mutley and I heard something .. it sounded like the rolling of chains together, or perhaps even something heavy being drug across the forest floor. Mutley’s hair spiked up high as he started to form his body into an attack mode.. I ran into the house quickly to turn on the outside lights and grab a flashlight, about 5 seconds in time.. Upon the return to the outside air, the noise of chains clanging had gotten louder as though it was coming directly to and my dog. Here is the odd part: I heard nothing walking in the woods.. no noise of footsteps on dry leaves.. nothing. Perhaps adding to the bizarre flavor of the event, in the distance, what seemed like a pack of wild dogs, began barking. My dog at this point couldn’t contain himself.. He went crazy, and the midnight air was filled with the noise of Mutley the dog trying to scare away whatever it was..

I controlled Mutlery a bit. As I did, the noise slowly got more muffled as though it was leaving .. But again, as it quieted down in volume, no other sounds accompanied it. Not even the sounds of something or someomne walking ..

And then, it was gone. The only sound heard after the event was that lone songbird chipring in the cold midnight air. I still found that so be the creepiest ..

I tried explaining this to my wife.. As I am doing here, I did with her: I offered no explanation. I told her that I know I heard something but yet lacked any knowledge on what it was I heard..

Did my ears deceive me?
Does a bird, the singing bird, make a noise that may be similar to the clanging chains?

It was less like I was hearing a real event taking place before me, and more like I was witnessing a recorded event. The only logical way for me to explain this was that it seemed like the noise was not of nature or animal, and the lack of walking compels me to ask if something was being ‘played’ .. maybe an endless loop of something. I am attempting to stay away from the paranormal, because despite my love of it and all things weird, very few ‘weird’ things of note have happened to me. And I would like to sort of keep it that way..

And on a final note, to make matters weirder, I have been hearing those famed booms lately—I am not ready to call Linda Howe yet but I sure have her email at Earthfiles if necessary. Last night, while hearing some of the ground rumbling noises, a small meteor looped in the sky above me. I think it was a meteor..

It wasn’t a typical Saturday… things did go bump in the night. If I had to make a guess, the only thing I kept thinking as I closed my eyes and went to sleep was that the ghost of Marley doesn’t know it’s not Christmas yet.. Am I Scrooged?