The tacky world of 9/11 gifts

Inside the 9/11 museum’s offensive gift shop »

The New York Post goes in depth.. Apparently a lot of really tacky but expensive items are for sale in the shop.. Hoodies with the twin towers and $39 heart shaped rocks with overused slogans on..

 One woman who lost a son was quoted in the Post article.. She said, “To me, it’s the crassest, most insensitive thing to have a commercial enterprise at the place where my son died”…

 WE have all seen these gifts, whether it’s in your local thrift shop or on the corner being sold by a street vendor. Some has been …ok.. others? Nah.

Be proud, US of A. Tacky is America. Come on, we still sing “Proud to be an American” more often than the national anthem.. no matter what Lee Greenwood did, he made a bundle off of the weird emotions of Gulf War I ..

We sell tacky things here.. You’d have to think those Chinese slave laborers who put together such profoundly graceless items are wondering what the hell the people in the free world are buying them for..

 But the question really remains: Should profits be off the list of what the 9/11 memorial is tasked with? After all, they have quite a hefty debt to pay back.

In fairness, it’s a debt so high that overpriced ground zero hoodies will never pay back..

But tacky?
Yes. Corporations know a thing or two about that.