Haiyan destroys

There are some late breaking dispatches coming from the Philippine islands concerning the massive super typhoon Haiyan..

Unfortunately, not much concrete information will be known for several more hours–the extent of the loss of communications is very severe with this impressive storm..Media reports and experts have warned to be prepared to a dramatic loss of life, upwards of the thousands.. Grim numbers are sure to come out, but that is after the storm passes and a full accounting can be taken of just how bad Haiyan was..

We do have some information coming through the wire services late tonight, however; those reports may shine some light onto the human struggles taking place as you read this..

REUTERS is reporting that  millions have attempted to flee the storm.. the storm was carving a path through popular holiday destinations for tourists..  When the storm made landfall, we are told, it carried with it 195 mph winds–Jeff Masters from WEATHER UNDERGROUND said this wind speed during landfall will put Haiyan in the history books as the strongest ever storm to strike land..

REUTERS dispatches also report  power outages and calls for help.

And this ominous note is also worth repeating: When the storm leaves the Philippine islands, it will once again enter water .. it could also become even stronger as it nears China or Vietnam..

NPR also has a late update this evening concerning Haiyan, including information that the storm is ‘off the charts’.

The world is watching history.. and for those living through it, the HORROR REPORT can only ask you, the readers, to hope, pray, and send whatever positive thoughts towards them that you can.. This is a dramatically horrendous situation.. Most certainly, as the hours pass, more people are perishing from the winds, rains, and disastrous path Haiyan is taking.. My God have mercy on their souls..

This was Haiyan just before landfall.. with its evil eye nearing humanity..

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