Hell unleashed by Haiyan

The storm is over in the Philippines, but now the real work begins: Attempting to restore power, find the dead, and help the injured..

Typhoon Haiyan was the most powerful storm, apparently, ever to strike land–and it’s not done yet, as it now moves again into water and gets poised to strike Vietnam.. 
According to reports from the Philippine islands at this hour, Haiyan made both Katrina and Sandy from the Americas look weak.. Power has been cut to much of the island nation, with some reported injuries and deaths already..
At this point, some of the hardest hit areas have not yet been visited by disaster recovery personnel–a terrible thought knowing that some of the areas where many lived received up to ten feet of flooding..
And with the storm yet not being over (other nations need to prepare) millions are going to be affected by the typhoon..
And while the record books may have changed with this monster storm, it’s also worth remember that its wrath has not been completely felt yet.. It’s on to the rest of Asia…


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