If you can walk 3000 miles, Karl Bushby could walk 36,000 more

Karl Bushby is not an ordinary hiker..

He is an ex-British paratrooper..he’s an adventurer. 
He’s an explorer. That is everything his Twitter description says — but follow him for a few minutes and you’ll see he is much, much more than just those brief words.
Karl Bushby began walking at age 29–that was in 1998. His hike began in Chile, and as his own website describes, he only had $300 in his pocket.. He continued his trek to North America.. he also completed the first ever recording crossing on foot of the Bering Strait. It was then on to Siberia.. And Asia. And Europe.
20,000 miles strong so far– and his goal for the 15-stretch is 36,000.
He’s almost there..At least more than halfway home, in a sense..
As all things go in modern times, social media is the way to find information about Bushby.. He is followed by almost 2,000 people at this time on Twitter.. he is updating in real time–an amazing thing if you compare his first journey in 1998 to now. Just a little over a decade later, there is so much that has changed in the world–and for Bushby, who can now stay in contact with the world even though he is meeting just one person at a time..
Bushby’s website says he has met lots of people–and stated “99.9%” of them are good.
At this point in the walk, Karl Bushby is making a 3,000 mile hike from Los Angeles to the Russian embassy in Washington D.C. He has a plan–and a hope–to get a visa and be permitted to complete the longest continuous walk in modern history..
The HORROR REPORT was alerted to this journey by a faithful reader–hat tip to JoyL for alerting me to something I wish I would have been following prior to this..
This week, Las Vegas WEEKLY featured a good write-up about Bushby’s journey, reporting that he has defied odds and had an ‘unbroken path that would make history’.. Just today, MOTHER NATURE NETWORK repotrted on his walk..
There is something very amazing about this man’s voyage..
It began last century.
Since then we have sped up in our lives ..
We zoom through our earthly vessel like a fireball in the sky.
But not Bushby.. He takes his time.
He walk.
He discovers.
He takes the time to see his surroundings–become salt of the earth and at the same time depend on it..
It’s very poetic what he is doing..
Your attention to his passage on earth is truly recommended.
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