I missed this on Friday, but it happened: A major fireball event occurred with hundreds of witnesses in the Pacific northwest.. This seems to be a continuation of September and October’s active fireball-laden skies, but those were mostly along the East Coast. This time, FEMA REGION 3 breathed a sigh of relief with clear skies..


You not not recognize the blanket, but you would the boy; Hence the blanket.  It’s Beebs, once again coming from a Brothel. We are told by the fine reporting of PAGE SIX of the NY POST that Bieber spent hours in the ‘whorehouse’ with two women in Brazil. Some have lost the fever no twitter, slamming the … Read moreBRAZILIAN WAX

The NEW YORK POST published a very graphic shot of accused LAX shooter Paul Ciancia on the ground after he was shot by police.. They ‘warning’ is directly above the photo of the graphic shot And I warn you.. clicking through to the post story will give YOU the graphic shot. If you want to … Read more