A developing story on ArtBell.com

As if the mystery surrounding Art Bell’s departure from Sirius wasn’t strange enough, here’s something to feast your eyes and ears onto.. Apparently tonight, Artbell.com is running a ‘test’ of streaming from its website..The website has “The Spec Sheet” as the stream test title. Some may find some audio very familiar. Michael Vandeven at BELLGAB.COM should … Read moreA developing story on ArtBell.com

Tuesday terrors

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19 2013 There are tons of John F. Kennedy books, movies, videos, YouTube channels, websites, and documentaries.. All of them claim something different, all of them shed a little more light–sometimes a little less–on the events that took place 50 years ago this Friday in Dallas. Everything is murky when it comes to … Read moreTuesday terrors

If you can walk 3000 miles, Karl Bushby could walk 36,000 more

Karl Bushby is not an ordinary hiker.. He is an ex-British paratrooper..he’s an adventurer.  He’s an explorer. That is everything his Twitter description says — but follow him for a few minutes and you’ll see he is much, much more than just those brief words. Karl Bushby began walking at age 29–that was in 1998. … Read moreIf you can walk 3000 miles, Karl Bushby could walk 36,000 more